Torn between 2 parks

hi, im in a park right now that has an average team. we win some and then we lose some. but i think that its because our coach never practices with us and its true. we have had like only one practice since the season started and now that its almost over he wants to start practicing when its too late. im really close to the coach, like were good friends. i just wanted to know whether or not you guys think that i should leave that park and go to a better park where i grow better as a player and probably win more games. or stay at the park that im at. (p.s. the coach’s brother is coaching the high school team that im going to.

I would definitely leave if they won’t even practice with you guys. If you can develop more as a player somewhere else then do it.

I agree with Pustulio. If you feel you can get more out of playing at a more advanced level (which is, I suspect, the real point of this whole discussion), by all means make the move. The team that you’re considering does this sort of thing, and that involves more, and more intensive, practice sessions. You have nothing to lose—and a greater proficiency to gain—by transferring to this other park where the coach not only supervises the practices but also gets involved in them. 8)