Tore my labrum. surgery soon. what can i do to get back asap and better then ever?

So devastated. Tore my labrum, need surgery, and out for my senior year :frowning: how can I get back ASAP?

Sorry to hear this. I am familiar with labrum repair involving anchoring the labrum to the bone and can say it is not a quick recovery. It has to run its course and you need to follow your doctor’s rehab instructions to the “T”. Any attempt to shorten the recovery time will risk re-injury and make the recovery take even longer.

What’s the recovery time

I think my son’s recovery was 6-8 months but let me check with him to be sure and get back to you. Again, my son’s case involved anchoring the labrum to the bone and that procedure probably requires the longest recovery. There are labrum tears that require sutures to sew the labrum together and then there are tears that are really just some fraying that need to be “cleaned up”. The latter probably has the shortest recovery time.

Thanks sir. I think I’m lucky. Mine is an easy fix. They said it’s not super bad. But needs surgery

Best of luck during your treatment and recovery. Let us know how you are doing after surgery.

My son had surgery to clean up some fraying of the Labrum in July. Was back throwing a little around Oct./November. Was a weekend starter when the season started in Feb. HOWEVER, he was not really back to full strength at that time. It was probably June or July before his full velocity returned.

Everyone is different.

As Roger said follow the Doc and PT advice and routines to the letter.

My first one was 12-18 months.

My second one was 4 months.

Glad to hear your case is not so bad.

My son injured his labrum lifting weights - not pitching. His recovery took 6 months. Doc told him if he was a pitcher then he would just be starting to go through the throwing motion without a ball at 6 months. So, obviously, for a pitcher the recovery would be longer than 6 months.

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Roger’s advice is dead on - “let it run its course.”

This is no quick fix or an ASAP situation for you. In addition to recovery, you’re going to have off days during your recovery.

Off days will happen when you didn’t sleep just right, you forget about your injury and reach or hold something or even try to push yourself up from the couch - you know… stuff like that. That little twinge will remind you of just how sensitive that injury can be.

Pay the dues now by addressing your injury and your recovery will pay dividends for you later.

Best wishes for a steady recovery.