One suggestion I can make is that you need more momentum. From peak of knee lift, you reach your stride foot out front instead of getting your center of mass moving. The stride foot moving out front makes it look like you’re moving fast but it’s just your front foot/leg that is moving forward fast - not your total body. As a result, you don’t get much out of your lower half and are left with mostly arm to throw the ball. Further, your release point ends up aligned with your front foot when it should really be 8"-12" out in front of your front foot.

Can’t guarantee this will solve your tendon issue but using more body and less arm to throw should take some stress off the arm.

Take time to look at other Pitchers on this website–PROS. There videos are there to help others. First–When you bring your left knee up, your shoulders, upper body, hips don’t move toward second base–slightly!
You need to turn your shoulders,hips, and even your knee toward second base–slightly to give time–to pause–so your body does not–Rush–toward the plate. Then–withyour glove hand(after the break-of hands) extend your glove toward the batter–helps develop your timing. Then, when releasing the ball, strech your throwing hand out toward the catcher, soyour body gets horizontal to the ground. Complete your pitch by slapping your lead leg (knee or below), then bring your follow threw leg up and over the bucket–land parallel to the other foot. Never take your eyes off your target.

Then–withyour glove hand(after the break-of hands) extend your glove toward the batter–helps develop your timing. [quote]

ditto. your elbowfinishes nicely tucked in by your side but you need to first extend it to the pate and as you release the bal bring it down to where it was.

and also do wat they said about folwing thru, after you release the ball you see to just stop[/quote]

Thanks for the advice I appreciate it. I through a bit and my arm didn’t hurt at all. I think, even though simple, it really helped me to extend my glove-hand and then tuck it…it also helped extending my arm further. Never noticed that, but every time I throw it without extending (like in the video) it hurts my elbow, so I’m glad that’s fixed.

The shift forwards I haven’t tried yet because I’m trying to make the arm stuff a habit. I believe the shift will help a lot with velocity. I throw high 70’s in games, but used to throw in the mid 80’s until my form was hurting my elbow/shoulder. We’ll see if that helps me get back up there. Thanks guys.

by the way

the bit I quoted there was my advice I meant to quote the part I didn’t quote

One more thing… After separating your hands-(Breaking your hands over your knee) Bring the Ball down, back,and ball facing second base-WITH FINGERS ON TOP OF THE BALL,throw the ball over your ear–or 3/4 slot every time. Stretch your hand toward the catcher to get horizontal. Use your body–and your arm to throw!