Well, you have probably heared this once before, but…right now, I’m having a very tough time with baseball. I dont know if i want to play anymore because I havent gotten much better in anything, only feilding. I dont know what to do, I want to play, but I dont know if I even want to play at the same time. My dad and everyone else keeps telling me to just have fun, but I can’t figure out a way to have fun. I already know that I think too much, but I dont know how to stop. I dont know what to do anymore, I just feel like quitting because I have tried to get better, but i havent, but I dont know if I want to do quit. What should I do?

there is actually so much in baseball that willimprove your performance!

Lifting weights, agility drills, longtoss, BP, fielding, hitting etc etc

Maybe you are training to specifically and ignorring other factors, eg concentrating on fielding not hitting.

what do u do when you practice?

Stop playing for like 2 weeks and you will realise how much you miss the game…have a break from it all!

I think you need to decide whether you really love the game or not. It’s a gut check that most people have to face at one time or another. Some people decide that the want to cut their losses and stop playing and others devote themself even more to the game. Personally, I still regret quitting and it’s something that I wish I could change. Knowing what I know now, you get haunted by the “what if’s”. What if I had worked harder, devoted more energy, gone all out everyday.

The decision is yours, but you dont want to be sitting around 5 years from now, wondering if you could’ve had your dream.

I think you should take maybe a couple weeks out to do something fresh like play a little basketball or something. Come to baseball and something that will ignite the flame again.

For me, that would be something like a great World Series moment or something. Something that will help you appreciate exactly what’s awesome about the game.

But I cant take a break, I’m in season right now.

do something really fun with all of your teamates. i dont know if this will make you rediscover your love of basbeall, but it may make you think that you enjoy the time you spend in baseball around people that you like, and may prevent you from giving it up. if you have photos of yourself playing baseball when you were younger I suggest you break them out and sit and look at them for a few minutes.

I sometimes get like this but its because i’m to competitive and i am always on a team that doesnt care and we cant always win a lot (during the summer league we didnt win a game) but as the season went on (normalseason not the summer league)i wanted to win so badly it made me want to go and play and that pretty much solves my problem.

you should watch your favortive baseball movie. it might show you why you play this game

khut, good suggestion, I recommend The Natural, Feild of Dreams or For the Love of the Game

For the first few weeks I was like this. I was really rusty (not hitting, missing all kinds of groundballs even though I’ve had the nickname “Hoover” since LL), even though I had been playing all winter. I was getting really unhappy with baseball. Then I found out I woudn’t get to pitch on my HS team.

It’s better now. I’m back to my old self. Plus I joined a much less competitive league (along with HS) so I will get to pitch.

My advice for you is to figure out why your not having fun playing baseball. Then try to think about how you played the game, back when you used to have fun. If it’s a confidence thing–like it was for me check out winningstate.com.

I think we’ve all been where you are now.
This season started pretty good and it looked as if I was going to be an every day starter at first base, and get some time on the mound too… Well a kid that was being looked at by the varsity coach was sent back to us and will remain with us for the entirety of the season. He is a firstbaseman. I only get to play 1st now when he is on the mound (rather talented lefty pitcher, and I enjoy playing 1st for him, because we usually pick off 2 or 3 guys a game).
Then my fielding started to slack and I hit a slump in my batting, but still had a starting spot out in right field (not my favorite position, but playing time is playing time). Welll, a kid who had quit during tryouts came back (was a varsity player last season, but since he quit the coach decided a year on JV would do him good). Obviously, a varsity player will get starting time over a JV player… So I was getting really down on myself because there goes all my playing time.
Well the season started, and due to an injury, our firstbaseman played leftfield and I got the start at 1st. I made 3 errors that game, and thought all was lost. I did go 2-2, and draw 2 walks, and steal 2 bases (pretty good for a 215lb’er.) The next game our lefty pitched, and I got the nod at 1st again. I did better, and started to enjoy the game. Went 0-2, but hit the ball solid, just at somebody. I drew another walk.
Then I got to pitch in our 3rd game, and went 2-3, gave up no runs and only 3 hits.
Low and behold there hasnt been a game yet that I haven’t started, and my playing has proved to the coach I deserve to be in the game. Im batting .556 which leads the team, have 6 RBI, and an OBP of .600something which also leads the team.
Needless to say I’ve been rejuvinated and excited about carrying my performances over game to game and hope to put together a good season.

i was in your same position this yr man. I came into college highly recruited and when i took the mound in the preseason i pitched like crap and it kinda deflated all the “talking up” people were doing. I just felt like it wasnt worth it anymore like there was nothin i could do to get better. For me i had a long talk with my dad and high school coach just talking about old glory stories and how fun the game is and it was like bam that fire was back and in my first conference start as a freshman i took a no hitter into the last inning, i didnt get it but stil struck out 10 and got the win. Right now im undefeated and am one of the top guys in the rotation. Its something that comes from within that fire and drive. Baseball is a marathon and you cant expect to never have a downfall but its how u get back up that determines your baseball fate.