I don’t remember, but someone posted a link about converting seconds and feet of where you throw to see how fast it is. If whoever posted it, post it again please. Thanks!

Beaver fan?

Yeah, I’m from Corvallis, Oregon. (where OSU is) I moved to colorado about five years ago. The Baseball team is amazing and the football team didn’t do too shabby either. Finished 21st, not bad.

Well, I know I didn’t originally post it, but I have exactly what you are looking for.

It is: http://www.csgnetwork.com/baseballpitchspdcalc.html

Goodluck, and enjoy. :wink:

Thanks! I just did it and I got 86.89 on the 60.6 and major league.

pretty good man, is your video posted here?

No problem. Hope thats what you were looking for. I hit 84mph max by the way. :slight_smile:

Not to burst your bubbles, but I don’t think this is a very accurate way of determining velocity.

Well, I use a radar gun. But if you can find the correct time. This way is very effective.

yeah i bet you throw hard and all but idk about this way of determining your velocity itsnot going to make a 3 mph difference or anything but i think your best bet is a radar gun???

Yup, the baseball team had a great run last year.

yeah the beavers did have a good run last year i live right on the border of iowa and nebraska and i was go down to some games. Last year i watched game 2 of the championship against north carolina it was a very good game and i was impressed with oregon state.

Yeah, to me it was like a moral victory. Because before I moved out to colorado, my grandma was the head athletic ticket manager for all of the top sports at Oregon state. I my grandpa worked security for the games. I used to go to all the football games, and most of the baseball and basketball games. That was a lot of fun. So when oregon state won, I was overjoyed!