I want to thank all of our posters/members/lurkers…by my estimation LTP remains the very best place for a kid, parent, coach to come and feel free to discuss our art.
We’ve had some tremendous posts by some of the very best…some of the not so best…a bit of the mediocre…but we still welcome all comers, we love the art and the game and look forward to a 2014 where this site is continuing to help and facilitate anyone who wants to get better…just talk through situations, want to share a great moment…brag on their kid.

My very best to everyone of you, my thanks for your passion and participation…God Bless you all and Happy New Year…

As a poster on this forum, I would like to thank Steven, JD, and all the administrators for providing such a great platform to discuss the Art we call pitching.

Here’s to everyone enjoying a great 2014.

Great post JD, all the best in 2014 to all