Top moments

Ok with all the talk about struggling and wanting to get better its time to hear everyones greatest baseball moment, whether its a walk off home run, your team winning a championship, or anything else lets hear it. Right now anyone playing school ball is in season right now and im sure everyone including myself has had a rough time this yr and gotten frustrated. so to get that fire into everyone hearing these kinda stories always do the trick. POST AWAY!!

My first outing of the year I threw a 2-hit shutout with scouts from the University of Illinois and Baltimore Orioles there. It was my first experience of pitching in front of scouts. It really gave me a lot of confidence to know that I could pitch under pressure and focus in spite of who was watching or what the circumstances were.

anyone else??? cmon i know you all got some good stories to share. yeah and theres nothin better than stepping up and doin well in front of scouts.

Last February I debuted as a pitcher on my team. We played against a team from another state and it was amazing.

I ended up with a 1-hitter. But gave up 5 walks, while stiking out 6, and giving up a run, on that only hit.

I didn’t even realize I was getting a no-hitter through 7 IP, and then when the guy got the hit and drove home a run my firstbaseman came to me and said:

"Well there goes your shutout and no hitter…"
And I was like:
“Ohhh… if I knew it I would have just walked him”
(because the guy was a big guy and their #4 on the lineup hehe)

But at least we won that game, 13 to 1.

Also, another moment I can’t forget was when I came sooooooo close to hitting a HR. The field had 300ft from the LF wall to the Home Plate and I was like, I will never hit a HR here…
But then the guy came with a fastball right down the middle and I unloaded. I was shocked and I was frozen watching the ball go that far, but when I saw it curving… and curving… annnnnd going foul (it actually went over the fence, but in foul territory) I could not believe it hehe
After that the guy just walked me with 2 pitches on the dirt and I felt like I was Barry Bonds or something like that haha

this is more like a good moment for me but then it gets blown.

I pitched agianst an all-star team (they werent very good but it was regular season time so I dont even know how they had an all-star team yet) and first kid up istruck out but he thought it was a ball (full count) and walked 2 (or 1) in three innings. No one got to second base so i thought that was pretty cool. the 4th inning comes and we have a 8-0 lead. The next 2 pitchers give up 6 runs and the last inning the last kid gave up 2. game was tied 8-8.
Next story.
Same team, same thing.
Same team i walked 1 this time and no hits again in three innings. same exact score 8-0 bottom 4th i was taken out and the same two kids blew it…AGAIN. tied game AGAIN 8-8 AGAIN. how can you blow the same thing TWICE?

my best moment would have to be when i started my last game for summerball. I threw a 6 inning shut out before my coach took me out. (I wanted to go another inning or two but he was very strict on pitch counts. my pitch count was 87 btw) when he told me in the 5th inning i would be finishing the 6th and then we would turn it over to the bull pen i coul have killed somebody. I came out with a closer mentality thinking ( they are gonna be in for a suprise when i turn up my stuff a little) and threw my brains out and struck out the side. i struck out the first guy on a curveball. the second guy swinging on a 2-2 fastball. and i got the third guy looking on a full count fastball. i never felt that great in my life. :smiley: i cant wait till this summer league starts.

too bad for me i got injured in the school season. i strained my deltoid pretty good (8 weeks out) i started the season opener against westminister academy. i felt good but we didnt play to well defensivley. 7 errors in the game. i had 2 earned runs and they shut us out. o yea ive got a question for all of you. do any of you throw great in the pen be4 you come in but when u get in all of the sudden your velocity is down and control is a little off? i think its just a mental thing to work on.