Too slow velocity for my age

im a 17yr 5’8 230lb soon to be senior in HS. Since this is my last year in HS i thought i could try pitching. i did pitch befor but that was in lillte league and i olny did it for 1yr. so i was at a fast pitch booth in phillies stadium and i topped out at 72mph. is that too slow for my age.

i know how to throw 4 pitches:
all of my pitches have preety good movement down in the strike zone.

Personally if your 2-seam and change up have good dropping movment and so does ur splitter you should be more then good enough for varsity. You;re pretty much in the same boat as me but you throw harder. I’m 16 5’8 207 and i throw…66-69 mph
I personally think your pitching will be ok if you can locate. But HS coaches only care you have good velocity and a curve to go with it. They rarely see the little things like how you have a few droping pitching that will induce alot of ground balls. I say just work on it. try gettin ur velo up to 80 mph thats “standard” speed for varsity. Run , lengthen stride (if need be) make sure your mechanics are good.

Unless you have TERRIFFIC movement, you’ll need some more velocity. An average varsity pitcher can throw upards of 78+. Throwing 72 will be BP to them unless you can really change speeds A LOT. And your fastball needs to have movement. No matter how well you can change speeds, a flat 72mph fastball will get crushed.

You would probablly do ok for an inning or two, but once they got theire timing right they would hit you, unless you had great movement, command and a good change up.

The best thing would probablly be for you to be a reliver after the fastest pitcher on your team. You would probablly do very well in that role. I’m 15 (5’8" 130) and I only throw about 70. Last year there was a game where our starter was getting hammered (he was throwing low 70’s). The my coach put me in. At that time I don’t think I topped 65. But everything was like a changeup to the other team, so i did pretty well–2 k’s and a pop out.