Too much working out?

Hey pitching people. New to the site. Love it. I have a pitcher who just turned 16 and started the Tuff Cuff program a while ago. He has about 6 weeks left of phase 3 before starting phase 4 (more intensive lifting). In addition to lifting 3 times a week he has added the Jobe shoulder exercises every morning (and wants to add a bodyblade to the before school shoulder stuff also) and long toss three times a week. In addition he wants to start training with a personal trainer to help develop better quickness and speed 3 times a week. So, lifting three days a week, speed training and long toss three days a week and practice with the travel team twice a week along with some extra batting practice sessions. He hasn’t taken to working out or training before (6’ 1" 134lbs) but has gotten serious about pitching and baseball in the last year. While I enjoy the passion he has found I am afraid I’ve created a monster. I am wondering if anyone thinks this is too much working out or if it is a decent balance in a routine? Thanks for any feedback.

he’s doing less than we do at the collegiate level, but it’s still vitally important that he be getting adequate rest and recovery. Make sure he is eating enough! (hint: he’s not if he’s 134lbs!!! Start him on 3,500 calories/day and go from there) 8 hours of sleep is a bare minimum and he should be stretching + foam rolling. This much work is manageable you just have to take recovery into consideration.

Thanks for the info Lanky. I think you answered the question I was really trying to ask. Recovery is key. The more I read and talk to people this is becoming a recurring theme. A friend said the most important lift he is going to do is the fork to his mouth. 3,500 of the good calories (as opposed to just taco bell and ice cream) is going to be a challenge. Going to pick up a foam roller or two tomorrow. He really wants to play college ball at some level. The first step was for him to start to realize how much work it will take for him to get there. Sixteen is probably a little late to the party for some of that. No more wasted days or missed meals!! Thanks again for the feedback.

I started working when I was only a little younger than 16. His goals are certainly achievable.