Too Much Stride?


My coach has been telling me that i am getting too much stride, but when i have looked at clips of the pros they have amazingly long strides, so i am kinda stuck


I think the thing you need to consider when you look at major league pitchers is that they have very strong legs and hips, and have been conditioned to handle that kind of stress on their body.

Yes, you would like to see a long stride, but it needs to be within the scope of your ability to control your body. If you stride out too far without having the necessary hip mobility/stability, you are actually going to lose out on some of the rotational forces your body is looking to use.


You’ll see many times on this site where people recommend that the absolute length of the stride (usually described as a percentage of the pitcher’s height) is not the point. The generation of sideways momentum toward the target is and how it’s utilized/transferred up the chain. The stride length is more a “result” of these other things and not a “cause” in and of itself. A very short stride may be an indication of a lack of momentum. A very long stride, though, doesn’t necessarily equate to good momentum. For example, if you simply reach farther with your front foot, you may not be generating much momentum at all.

So, focus on generating sideways momentum, rotating the hips into landing, staying closed with your shoulders through all of that and being able to throw from over your landing leg and braced by it. Let the stride be what it may once those other things are addressed.

Focusing on stride length would be “putting the cart before the horse”.


I agree with both DM and Blake.

There are right ways and wrong ways to increase stride length. Do well those things that effect stride length and a longer stride will result. And you’ll be more likely to stay within yourself regarding your strength and flexibility.


Yes, I agree with the two previous posts. Stride length isn’t something you should consciously try and change, you’ll mess too many aspects of your mechanics up. Strengthen your legs, hips and core, get really flexible, and do pylos to encourage explosive lower body movement and a longer stride will come.