Too much heavy benching now throwing very slowly

Use to throw low 80’s than my bench went up by 70 lbs while I completely ignored my upper back musclse and now here I am throwing so slow, a little over 70, What stretches can I do to combat the stiffness caused by the benching. Because I am getting no where near as much external rotation as before, now I just push the ball up there.

Just add pull exercises. Pitchers need to do two pull exercises for every one push.

I know heavy lifting on your shoulder is bad, I’m not to experienced but sometimes to much weight can strengthen your shoulder to much to change your arm slot and lose flexibility, you most likely lost flexibility. I threw the shotput over the winter for fun, the works outs consisted of bench press and I couldn’t figure out why when I started prepping for baseball, I had fallen from over the head throwing to 3/4 and came up with this.

Look up TreadAthletics mobility routines. Buy me a can later.