Too late to start again?

Okay guys, here is the story…I played baseball from 9-13 years of age and I was a really good pitcher for my age. I unfortunately had to stop playing because of “family issues”. I am now 20 years old, 6’2, 195lbs and havn’t really done anything baseball or sports related for the past 6 years or so, but I recently have had wanted to get back on the field and see what I can do. So a friend of mine and I went down to the local fields and we just threw for a couple of hours and then we got out the radar gun just for fun. I threw 78- 80 mph when I was 13. and now on my first day back in 7 years, I threw and average of 85-87mph topping out at 89mph. I’ve always wanted to give baseball a real chance but I just havn’t gotten the oppertunity. I was just wondering if anybody else thought 20 years old was too late to start again. I have a really strong arm and I know that velocity won’t be a problem for me. but not pitching or even throwing a baseball for 6 years obviously puts me behind the 8 ball so to speak. And I know I’ll be waaay behind on breaking pitches 'cause I havn’t had any practice in 6 years.I know how rediculous this story sounds, but it as absolutely true. So I was just wondering if anybody had any advice on how I could get back the 6 years I lost, or if there is no chance I could make it, I’d appreciate if somebody would just be brutaly honest and tell me I need to stop dreaming. Thanks guys. And I’m really sorry for allll this typing I’m having you read. lol

No and no. Yours is not a ridiculous pipe dream, and it’s not too late to get a fresh start. There are players older than you who got into the game late, worked at it and made something of themselves. You already have some of the tools—you just need to get back into shape—you might look into Steven Ellis’ “TuffCuff” which is an excellent training and conditioning program—add a few pitches to your repertoire, perhaps get into an adult league so you can get playing time—and above all, don’t listen to the naysayers, because they don’t know what they’re talking about!
I wish you all the best, and remember—baseball is a game for everyone, so get back into it. 8) :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

There’s a movie called “The Rookie”. Condensed version, if you can throw heat it’s never too late.

I took years from from age 15 to 22, and also found I could throw harder, by a lot, naturally.

So if you look at it that way, you’ve probably got the most rested and healthy arm of any pitcher in your region. Just start light workouts on the field and do body weight exercise

And even at 20, you’re still a good candidate for some college ball. Maybe a red shirt? I dunno, I’m pretty sure you can play D1 until you’re 25 as an undergrad.

At the very least you could find a park league, or possibly a MABL/MSBL chapter in your area to get some coaching and advice. Any team would be interested in a guy who throws in the 80’s for a couple innings on Sunday.

Oh, here’s this guy:

OK I have to tell you something IT’s never to late to play-ball all it matters is to have fun.
I might be 13 but if u dont have fun then your goals are gone but if u have fun doing it.So get out their and PITCH :slight_smile:

BAseball is for everyone, here is a guy at 58 that is playing college ball

And of course there are lots of adult leagues now, make your dreams happen!

80 at 13?

89 at 20 after not throwing for 7 years?

south paw, I wasn’t really going to make a big deal about the numbers, fast is fast and unless you have the right equipment you really don’t know how fast. You know at 13 I always have a radar gun sitting around. He probably threw very hard for 13 and somebody told him it was like 80, numbers like that don’t really happen unless you are matured and have very good mechanics, I don’t totally believe it till I see it, how about it B.Wright?

Yeah, I know nobody believes the numbers. but I was 6’0 180 when I was 13, and only grew 2 more inches after that which is and actually it was on a radar gun. I used to have a pitching coach who owned a place called “The Baseball Academy”. His name was Coach Hill, and I never did know his first name, anyway, the point is he would always have his radar gun out. lol and yeah, I was reaaaallly surprised when I hit 89 too. but my friends and I usually go to the park once or twice a week, when I have the time and the weather is good, to play some football, nothing serious, but I guess its kept my arm in shape. I know how it sounds SouthPaw, trust me. If I were reading it I would probably think, “this guy is out of his mind and has no idea what he is talking abou and is just bragging because he wants attention” but I’m not that kinda guy man. Just born with a strong arm I guess.

hah I was with you man.

I was 15 trying out for JV and doing pony league at the same time, and the pony league had some time at clinic at the Oakland Coliseum. I got to throw 10 pitches in the pen already warmed up from all morning, and I topped 76.

In track I tore an MCL and meniscus at the same time and everything slowly stopped until I was 22. The next season I played rec ball and managed 84 while I was still in terrible shape, and all I ever did was throw the ball with my dog. Or some catch at a bbq.

I think I put on 20 lbs. But never any workouts ever, I just took the bike out a lot.

It’s not that I disbelieve your numbers, it’s just that I don’t accept at face value pitching speed claims on the Internet. If you ever need a laugh, check out the pitching videos on YouTube.Com and read the comments. They’re hysterical, typically something like this: “you su** man i threw 65 when i was 10 now i’m 13 and throw 85”. :lol:

well i dunno if 80 at 13 is really that far fetched because when i was 13 i was throwing 70 consistant and topping at 74 and i had TERRIBLE mechanics. (this was my first year of rep ball)