Too cold to throw outside

So what do you do?

I know a lot of you live in cold weather climates, which doesn’t allow you to get outside and throw as you’d probably like to. So what solutions have you come up with?

When I was growing up in upstate NY, my dad and I used to throw diagonally across the gym in the morning, before school, at SUNY-Tech or Utica College, two local colleges – or at my high school’s gym. Not everyone has access to these types of facilities, however.

This is the reason for my eternal hatred for cold weather. Sometimes I just tough it out, and go out there in the 20 degree weather. I go to our gym though too and, likewise, throw diagonally. I can’t think of any other solution, anyone else?

I go skiing!! :smiley:

The most important contribution our high school baseball boosters and local Little League made was building an heated indoor facility adjacent the High School Baseball Field. It is large enough to allow two pitchers to throw from portable mounds and two hitters to practice in regulation size batting cages equipped with pitching machines.

This has improved our high school program and our little league program where most high school players participate. We are located just south and east of Lake Erie and get blasted with snow and cold usually thru the month of April.

I moved to Florida :lol:

We dress warmer

I live in West Va now. I grew up in Washington D.C. They are simuar in climate except for about a 15 degree difference during the winter. Back when I used to live in D.C. I used to just go out and throw. The coldest it ever really got was about 40 degrees, which is warm enough for me. Now here in West VA, I have access to my schools gym which I pitch in and go to the batting cages during the winter. During December it tends to get around 20-30 degrees and is to cold to throw for me. It hurts my hand to catch anything over 30mph…lol…and for my catcher it is too cold to catch an 80mph fastball. Towards January and Feburary it gets really cold around 10 degrees. By the end of Feburary it gets a little warmer. The only soultion I have found is throwing indoors. Now if you are fortuneate to live in a warmer climate such as Florida, or Arizona, and California ect… You shouldn’t worry. Good post Steven. :lol:

its not been bad here in pa yet. but i sprained my middle finger about 3-4 weeks ago and it stil hurts to grip a baseball. what the heck is that about? :frowning:

Where in PA? I just took my son to pitching practice at the local YMCA this morning at 5:30 and there’s snow on the ground, plows are out and its definitely cold!!! :?

I just wait for the temp to go above freezing, maybe above 45, and then I bundle up and go out to my wall.

It’s a pain, but hopefully with global warming we won’t have that many consecutive freezing days this winter.

i throw indoors on a indoor mound, works pretty good

I live in Northern Colorado, and it is usually very cold with snow off and untill around Early April. I sometimes go out side and throw, but it seems to not work so good. I tend now to throw in my basement with a tennis ball, but that still not good enough. I wish there was a place for me to throw. My schools gym are usually occupied, so I don’t really rely on that. For now it’s just the basement untill spring comes along.