Tony19's Journal

Hey all!

I just started pitching a few days ago, and I wanted to track my progress on here. I still need to work on everything, and I’d like to periodically video tape my progress for you all to help me wih my mechanics. I hope to keep this up until JV tryouts next season, then throughout the season if I make it.

Keep checking in here!


6’1’’ - 160 Lbs. - Right - 14 Yrs. Old

After first practice session, I’m EXTREMLY discouraged. Kind of thinking I’m beyond help. I couldn’t hit a 1ft. x 1ft. bucket from maybe 30 ft. I lost my baseball because I’m so far off target, and I’m really just embarassed at this point.

That’s what practice is for. Don’t sweat it.

Thanks KC. I think I’m pitching with an acctual catcher today, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m working on my mechanics today as well. Expect a post tonight.

I faired decentently well yesterday. I pitched with a catcher, against a few batters (just some of my friends, nothing serious), at a local diamond. I got hit of a few times, but nothing huge, and I recorded a strikeout or two. I at first tried to pitch it exactly how some of the articles on this site said, but it seems, I need to have a lower arm slot to even find the plate. My location was still way off but getting better, and speed is decent for now.


No pitching since Sunday, but I have practiced my main position a lot in the past two days, Catcher. I have proablly caught a 100 hundred pitches int he past three hours, and am feeling real good behind the plate.

Just threw in my backyard for maybe an hour and a half and my little session was extremly succsessful. No hunting for balls in the woods because I missed the target by so far, it was all there, or somewhat close. I hit the bucket a bunch of times, and my speed was pretty good. I’m a taller dude, so lowering my arm slot helped out a lot, and I’m very encouraged right now. We’ll see what happens tommorow! 8)

Threw a lot more today. Pretty much same outcome as yesterday, yet I moved back to 30’ and then 35’ for a little while, then moved it back up to 25’. Arm’s kind of tired but I threw a lot today. How long is the distance between the mound and plate for JV baseball?