Tonight 8PM Eastern MLB Channel

On Prime 9 is “The 9 most unique deliveries in baseball”.
Now I’m posting this at 7:22 and I’m betting they miss out on Phil “The Vulture” Regan former Cub reliever…sure bets include Marischall and Louis Tiante and Dantrelle…anybody else remember some funky motions…Fernando maybe…

I don’t agree with Walter Johnson…I think his was classic

I watched the MLB Network this evening with great interest. One thing I wouldn’t agree with was Chad Bradford’s submarine delivery—it was pretty straightforward. But I will never forget El Duque and the way he would discombooberate the hitters; I had seen him in action in the World Series of 1998 through 2000—he threw any number of different ways, different deliveries, different variations of different pitches, and he was really something to watch. As the guy who was narrating the 1999 Series said, El Duque really showed them how and why. An interesting note: when he was taken out of the game in the eighth inning for a relief pitcher, he said it most succinctly: "No like National League."
And when he was with the White Sox, he took Jose Contreras under his wing and got him back on track. :slight_smile:

Lincecum may be on there. Koufax.

It went
Mitch Williams
Walter Johnson
Dontrelle Willis
Juan Marischall
Louis Tiante
El Duque
Chad Bradford…

No Dennis Ekersley, no guy who threw that blooper pitch that Ted Williams hit outta the park…No Dice-K though they did show Okajima and said Bradford was just the most radical of sidewinders…they did show Kim but none of the old Underarmers from the 60’s like Ted Abernathey or Cecil Upshaw…they briefly alluded to Bob Gibsons falling off when talking how far Mitch Williams fell off.
Cool and interesting show…followed by the best outfield catches and arms…really great night…they had one of Bo throwing out Harold Reynolds at the plate…Saw some gunner throws…Man they were cool…

Sounds like a pretty cool show JD. Man Bo could really throw it! One of the best athletes of all time.

[quote=“jdfromfla”]I don’t agree with Walter Johnson…I think his was classic


What show is that clip from? I really want to find out how I can get the full show or all of them.

It’s from Ken Burns’ film Baseball, I think it’s in the first or second inning.
I have the companion book…I’d lend it to ya but postage would break the bank and hauling that lug would give the postman a hernia :lol: