Tommy John's Surgery

I made this topic for anyone with questions about Tommy John’s. I’m 15 months post-op right now. So if there are any questions about the procedure, how I did it, what the symptoms were, or any other questions at all, just let me know.

UPDATE (March 30, 2010): I’ll be back on here from time to time now, so if you have any questions about injuries, rehab, etc., I’ll be happy to answer them as best as I can. If it’s something you don’t want to discuss openly, you can always PM me as I know full well that rehab isn’t only a physically exhausting process, but it’s also a mentally exhausting one.

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Sorry you had to go through that. I’d like to know what you think caused the injury. Also, how closely have you followed the prescribed rehab?

I’m about 99.9% sure about what caused me to have Tommy John’s. I would have had no idea, but House is pretty good at his job. :smiley: I used to pitch off the far right side of the rubber with about half my foot off the rubber. I should add I’m a righty. Well my drag line ended up about 8 inches from there and probably 18 inches from the centerline. Add to that the fatigue of throwing 130 pitches 3 days earlier, and you’ve got a good recipe for injury.

I was my teams workhorse pitching exactly 1/3 of the innings (44 game season) during the season. I’m not saying I was overpitched though. I thought they handled me very well, but I just had that big problem. House corrected two things on me when I first saw him. (1) My positioning on the mound, and (2) he wanted me to go faster to home. I have since had no elbow pain when I throw. And for that matter, no real shoulder pain either.

I followed Dr. Andrews program as closely as I possibly could. I hardly ever missed a workout. It’s a very long, grueling process, but if you’re serious about baseball you gotta do it. I’m still doing physical therapy. (I’ve got it tomorrow. :lol: ) When people as smart and as experienced as Dr. Andrews tells you to do something, it’s probably a good idea to do it. On the ITP, (Interval Throwing Program) I advanced very quickly. At 6 months, I was around two weeks ahead of schedule. Well, that is till I realized that there really isn’t a schedule at all. You never know when you are going to come back if you do at all. I’m not quite ready, but I’m hoping by season I’ll be 100%.

So you were pitching again on 3 days rest?

So, with your drag line that far off, you probably had a big posture change which itself probably led to early shoulder rotation and lots of stress on the arm.

Good for you for sticking to the program. We recently had someone on this site asking about what else people did and the consensus was “nothing - follow the rehab program exactly”.

Good luck to you.

Yep the quarterfinal game of the playoffs was when I threw 130 pitches (and the ugliest no-hitter you’ll ever see). I tore it in the 5th inning of the state championship game and then threw 4 more pitches after that. Let me tell you something about pain haha. Everytime I threw it felt like someone took a knife and stuck it in my elbow.

As for the rehab program: Yep do what it says. They didn’t make them for fun.

I had Tommy John when I was a Sr in HS and then I missed my true freshman year in college, I recovered really well and even gained some MPH if you got any questions I would love to chat with you about it.


who is hte best DR. for TJ surgery? And is it even covered by any healthcare? What is the cost god forbid if I know anyone that ever needs it

Dr. James Andrews down in Alabama is the foremost Tommy John surgeon in the world. But I have no idea about costs.


who is hte best DR. for TJ surgery? And is it even covered by any healthcare? What is the cost god forbid if I know anyone that ever needs it[/quote]

I’m in total agreement with Roger. Dr. Andrews did my own surgery. He is by far the best and most respected for sports injuries according to many, many sources. It was covered by my healthcare, but I won’t discuss the cost in an open forum.

Over the last couple of weeks my son has been complaining about pain in his elbow and inside bicept area. When he warms up the pain goes away and disappears completely when he pitches. After the arm gets cold it also becomes really sore for a couple of days. From what I’ve read it doesn’t seem like it is a UCL issue. In fact, his pain is mostly in the middle part of his elbow joint right where it bends. BTW, he is 17, tops out at 87 from the left side, and had ACL surgery Nov 9, and made it back to pitch by Feb 9th., and is currenlty 3-0 with 3 saves. Any thoughts?

I heard about the acl Sherman…Andy has a couple of girl buddys from EV. Really good to see you posting! :smiley:
You know what you are gonna hear from the board…I recommend Dr Hugh Switzer…he’s Bolles othopod and has done work on Andy several times…excellent, wonderful doctor and person. He was Rick Wilkens ortho too.
A huge congrats to Aaron! If you look at last weeks TU you’ll see my Andy topping the area pitchers…might not be there tomorrow…but he went up from number 3 the week before. He’s pitching at Nease Thursday night if you are bored and want to see a dogfight :smiley:

I did see that your son has been doing very well - congrats. How did he do tonight? As you might imagine, having just come back from ACL surgery EVA coaches have brought Aaron along slowly. His brace gets in the way, but he lucky to be pitching this season at all. He is scheduled to do middle relief against BK on Friday, and will start against Episcopal on Wednesday.

Imagine this: his pain is now gone. Whatever.

I have a question. Concerning the post-surgery in Tommy John’s, will it ever hurt again? I’ve heard that there are some people who have had as many as two or three in their lifetime and with long periods between each.

Hey jdfromfla, Thanks a lot for your reply and your help. I really appreciate it. By the way I changed my signature. Thanks a lot. Buddy

Hey Ryan Tatusko, Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate your help.

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    I can support that.

I had the surgery in july of 2007 and was around 83-85 in August of 2008. During that time period I cant tell you how many times I thought I had torn it again and that my life was over. A couple of kids on the team there had the same problems but the tendon has held up. Depending on where they take the tendon, mine was the palmaris longus, can affect the strength. I was told that the one in the wrist has more substance and can withstand more pressure. Bascially what I am trying to say is that after the operation things must be taken slowly. I am starting to believe I might have worked too fast for my body as I have experienced 4-5 episodes of tendonitis in my elbow since the op. It still holds strong to this day while pitching 100+ innings in the past year

Roger, Thanks for the information, I’ll try that. I really appreciate your help. Buddy

Hey guys, Ive got a few questions for you that i haven’t been able to find any answers to on the web. I am 3 weeks post op and now in my 3rd week of the hinged brace. I have been wondering this hole time how fragile my arm is the first few weeks post op. what if i were to fall on it or sleep on it by accident, i have not done anything to it that would cause any pain, but i cant help but wonder. the last thing i would want is to do something stupid that could undo the repairs in my arm. I was also wondering when players start running after this surgery, i am on the bike for now, but i hate it. just wondering when i can expect to start jogging again. and my last question is when should i expect swelling to be completely gone.

Has your PT begun the light stretching regimen for your forearm yet? I still cant extend my forearm for my left arm as much as my right when I stretch because of the ridiculous time in the cast.