Tommy John

Just wondering if anyone in here has ever had tommy john? I had it October of 04 and this was my first season back. Anyone else have to go through this?

No I did not. But tell us how do you feel. Do you feel like your arm is stronger? Are you more cautious now because you had arm surgery?

Thanks to share it with us.

Glad you asked, i was hoping someone would be interested as when i had it i was not aware of many things involved.

First off i was never a kid that threw too many curveballs at a young age. My problem was my ego and i would never turn down the ball so to speak. It was very unlikely for me to not throw the max amount of innings per week in from age 10 until college. In high school i once threw on two days rest for 5 straight starts including one 8 inning and one 10 inning game. Obviously this took a toll on my arm and i had to have surgery. Mine was a case where my arm felt really bad and one throw i felt a pop.

As of right now my arm is not stronger in fact my ability to throw every few days has gone away, though i feel the more i throw the more that will come. My velocity is getting back to normal and i have had control issues. As i have read on this topic i have found that this is not uncommon even among major leaguers. And yes i am more cautious. I can tell when i get somewhat sore i will tighten up and my velocity will drop dramatically between 5-7 mph. My curveball is not as tight as it once was and my power curve, ( a pitch i sort of stumbled upon basically a knuckle slider) is completely out of my arsenal as i am afraid to throw it.

If there are any questions regarding the surgery feel free to ask i know its a difficult thing to go through trust me.

I had my Tommy John in May 2004, and this was my first full season back. I began rehab assignments in the Summer of 2005, and got a shot at a JUCO in the Fall. My 2006 Spring was successful. I started 12 games, 7-3 record, 78 I.P, 2.23 ERA. However, contrary to what is often said, I did not gain anything on my fastball, actually, I have yet to work up to what my fastball was before I tore my UCL. I am currently sitting at 86-88. Just remember to take care of your arm now that you are throwing again. I am currently going thru a lot of arm problems which I am going to blame on my lack of care for it. Good luck and let us know how it all goes for you. Pitcher

This reinforces my sense that the real problem with curveballs isn’t so much the dynamics of throwing a curveball as it is the number of times you have to throw a curveball before you can throw it well. That can lead to overuse problems of the arm.

A kid from my city, who is also a distant relative, had this surgery 3 years ago. He has his velocity back but is still struggling with his control. He was a pretty good prospect in AA at the time of the injury and he has since been released twice but is pitching in AA in the Red Sox organization, his hometown team.

Chris if its any help at my school in the few years i have been here i have seen 8 tommy john surgeries and the one thing in common with all of them is that they logged alot of competitive innings when they were young up through college and often times were throwing too many innings in a short time span.