Could you tell me stuff about Tommy John surgery? I am having it on wednesday, Sept 1st. Many people tell me that you come back throwing harder, But how long will that take. I know the recovery time is 12-18 months, but how long does it usually take to get back to where I was berfore the injury? and How much harder do people with the surgery end up throwing?

im just wondering…how old are you

im 19, a sophomore in college.

Hope things went well for you.

When you feel up to it, I’d like to hear what it was that you think caused you to get injured requiring the surgery.

We hope you came through well and that your prognosis is excellent, I think that lots of us would like to hear of your progress, maybe I could suggest making a log about your progress into the future.

good luck. most people come back with new pitches and become junkballers like hoffman. hong chi kou hasnt slowed down though. hes still throwing 94