Tommy John Surgery

How are people doing with there rehabs and how many months out and are you having any pain or anything. I would like to hear how others are doing.

I had my surgery on july 6 of 2007. I did my rehab to the t but not as intense as the pros. I threw off of a mound only 3 or 4 times before throwing in a game but I did not throw any curveballs and it felt great. Since I have thrown about 2-3 mph consistently faster but Im really not in great shape yet. Im hoping to get around 88-90 once I truly figure out my arm angle and mechanics. Also throwing daily and weight lifting should help. Other than that I do experience soreness in my elbow which really scared me because I had never had any before but it is natural with a cut that big in your elbow. Everything feels strong though and Im looking forward to my first season in a couple years.

So you didnt go through a mound program to start in the game. I started a mound program at 8 1/2 months and it runs to 12months out. And then at 12 months out I go into the game again.

No i just longtossed up until close to my “rehab starts” threw 3 times off of a mound and then threw in a game. Granted I was throwing maybe 70% so its prety much the mound program with a batter in the box.