Tommy john surgery

A kid from my city (family friend) was drafted by the Padres in the 21st round out of the University of Maine. He quickly became a real prospect in the Padres organization shortly after being drafted. He was a LHP (reliever), who was known to throw 93-95 mph. He was said to be a September call up before he injured his arm and needed Tommy John Surgery. He is now 25, and 2 years removed from the surgery. He can still throw 93-95, but with little control. Last year pitching in AA he averaged over a strikeout an inning, but also averaged nearly a walk per inning. He was on the Padres 40 man roster, but has recently been designated for assignment. He was picked up by the White Sox and is now on their 40 man roster. Are control problems coming off this injury normal? Does he still have a chance to pitch in the big leagues?

Theoretically, Tommy John surgery shouldn’t have affected his control.

The bones should interact as before the surgery (and possibly better since the joint would “loosen up” just before the ligament let go). However, the tightening up of the ligament and the joint may have changed how the joint moves, which means that he may have to make some adjustments to take into account how his joint now functions.

Of course, it’s experiences like this that make me so interested in preventing injuries in the first place. You can’t always fix things once they have been broken.

I’d be glad to look at his current motion if you have any film.