Tommy John Surgery

I have heard that when a player gets Tommy John Surgery they will come back throwing harder than before. Is this true?

Usually Pitcher’s do come back throwing harder, but it’s because they are in such better shape then they were BEFORE the surgery and because they’ve made sure that their mechanics have improved when compared to them BEFORE the surgery.

Sadly nowdays you hear kids saying ‘Oh I’ll just have TJ and be able to throw harder then I am now’ it’s almost become ‘sexy’ to have TJ surgery. There was a great article that interviewed Jobe about this topic, I read it in a ball mag, but I did run across it on the net, I wish I could find it.

if you or anyone else can post that article, i would be most appreciative.

Lets also not forget guys that we only hear about the success stories from TJ. We don’t hear about the guys that didn’t make it back…because they never pitch again… atleast not at a high level. Certainly not a 100% success rate, and certainly not an easy road to recovery…


It’s been my experience that TJ makes many pitchers work/train harder than ever before. That plays a huge part – more so, in my opinion, than the surgery itself.

Dusty, I’m looking for it, if I can’t find it I’ll take the time to type up part of it and give the Mag and the date of the mag.

thanks mr. diesel.

also, the yankees have a guy that his only job is to rehab the pitchers who have had tommy john in tampa. they are very protective and secretive of him. he’s like a troll in the training facility that they don’t let anyone see and they don’t share their rehab program.

tiger woods is the same way with his training program.

Dusty, I think I already read that somewhere’s, perhaps in Saving The Pitcher, although I could be wrong.

yep, that’s where it is. what did you think about the dead cat bounce section. it states that a pitcher does damage to his arm when throwing and doesn’t feel it until it is too late. that is some scary stuff right there if it’s true.

i’m going to ask the physical therapist specialist about that one now that we’re thinking about it.

You do damage to your muscles when you are lifting…

I agree with that, I know through my own exeriences with my shoulder I had that happen. It took me quite sometime to even think that I had something wrong in there and by then it was too late, and then I was young and dumb and pitched through a lot of pain.

The Article that interviewed Jobe was in Street & Smith’s Baseball 2007 Year Book #15 May Issue ( I believe). Pages 18-21. The Article was called The Operation The Changed Baseball.

I hope this helps, I’m still looking for it online.