Tommy John Surgery

Hello everyone i am 15 years old and i always seem to have pain in my inner elbow/ inner/upper forearm and it seems to bother me after i pitch i just wanted to make sure i wont need tommy john surgery i am working on strengthining it but i need to know if i should be concerned about having to have tommy john surgery thx alot everyone

You need to get checked out by an orthopedist.

could be tendonitus,

since i started work out on my arms, i got that
quiet the work outs with arms

At your age it is most likely medial epicondylitis or “little league elbow” but the only way to be sure is to see a sports medicine doctor/orthopedist as Roger said.

Yeah, good advice here. See a doc or specialist. Easy in, easy out … and you’ll have a qualified diagnosis to go on. This really is a must.