Tommy john surgery

I had surgery July 1st, so I’m two months out. I’ve started to notice recently that when I put my hand on my hip or if I have my arm bent and act like I’m separating my hands, something moves on the back part of my arm. I think it’s my nerve. Is this something serious, has it not gotten used to it’s position in my arm, or will it go away??

The surgery that you experienced should have started by explaining to you exactly what will go on inside your body before/during/after surgery.

Basically here’s what happened -
That part of your body that you’ve always taken for granted was never a real focal point and an attention getter in the past. NOW, that part of your arm has been totally rebuilt, reconstructed, and altered in a way that you now have to deal with. That movement that you feel is the reconstructive part being used to accomplish everyday functions — again, that you took for granted with the structure that was there, naturally.

Here’s what you went through…

This feeling in your arm/elbow is going to take a lot of time to deal with. Consult your medical professionals and therapist on a regular basis to understand fully the quality of life issues that your about to experience. You’ve only got one shot at this. Oh sure, you can go under the knife again if necessary - but do you really want that?

I wish you the very best in your recovery.