Tommy-John recovery: Biomechanical assesment was my savior!

I have never been so inspired to recommend anything or anyone via web before. Back a couple years ago i received Tommy John surgery from the prominently known Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama. I had to go through rigorous physical therapy at MIHP in Warren, Michigan. []

I was amazed at the expertise and knowledge they had on assessing my injury and i recovered ahead of schedule, eventually coming out a stronger and faster pitcher!

If you are looking to improve your pitching mechanics and increase your velocity (Metro-Detroit area), then I highly recommend MIHP services.

Right now they are doing a study and if your interested in receiving a free bio mechanical assessment check out the link!


I am now throwing harder than I have ever threw since getting the surgery done. I never have elbow problems and my mechanics are close to perfect. I was able to play college baseball and am looking to try out for an independent ball team. Last year in my men’s league I posted a 1.11 ERA with 60 ks in 60+ innings! This year I am on track again for a great year and owe it to the surgery, and most importantly the rehabilitation at MIHP!

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I appreciate it! Best of luck to you