Tommy John question

I’m a freshman pitcher in highschool, 5’6 135 lbs and throw about 60-63 with a fastball, changeup, and cureveball. I was just wondering where the pain would be and how it would be. I have no symptoms but some pain in it. It seems to be in the outer elbow, not the inner but I can’t figure out if it’s the outer elbow. The pain I have is say I have my palm up and arm fully extended, I have pain down by the bone facing the floor, which seems like the outer elbow.

It’s not consistent pain and doesn’t hurt much when fully stretched and standing, it hurts when I rest it on surfaces and a little when bent but not really when throwing, I don’t think it’s serious, I’ve been playing through it and I fell on the ice a few weeks back and feel like it might be something to do with that.

My question is: If I had hurt my arm from pitching, how would I tell? I think I’m fine as it doesn’t hurt 24/7 and it’s right where I landed when I fell on ice.


Not TJ, check with an actual doctor tho. Injuries go undiagnosed all the time, especially as a freshman in H.S. get that checked hoss.

Thanks, I will be seeing a sports medicine doctor I’m coming weeks.

Sounds more like a growth plate to me…definitely not TJ. Go to the doctor and get an X-Ray. You should be fine.