Tommy John pain not in Elbow


I have had elbow problems most of my high school career. I’m a senior now and when I saw my doctor this past summer he said there was no structural damage. Now I am starting to throw again and my elbow is killing me. I get very little pain on the medial part of my elbow, but my lower tricep and pretty much my entire arm hurts badly. I am asking because I heard Matt Harvey say he didn’t have the typical signs of TJ, and that the pain he felt came from other places, not the medial part of the elbow where the UCL is located. Im wondering if anyone who had TJ could tell me if they have experienced the same pain or a similar situation where the pain is not coming from where the UCL is located?



I have torn my UCL, once and than again. My pain was located where the UCL is, with some upper forearm pain. Could not bend my arm straight for a long period of time. I believe Matt Harvey had forearm discomfort.

If the doctor said you have no structural damage and your arm appears to be healthy I don’t see how it could be your UCL unless it just recently happened. Did you get a MRI?

Definitely schedule another appointment with your doctor if the pain continues.