Tommy john, maybe I needed advice

My elbow currently hurts in the inside and is constant sore , but doesn’t hurt unless I do overhead activities such as opening a car door putting on a seat belt and pulling my arm back, when I press on my growth plate it hurts pretty bad and my elbow is quite swollen an wen I grow something it is rather painful, feels like a knife going in to me any advicd

see a doctor…no doubt. at this point that would be the best advice possible

Do you think its Tommy John?

how long has it felt like this?

It happened 3 days ago and it won’t stop doing this

when it happened was it an instant pain?

When I did it I was pitching and every pitch I heard a pop, and then finally I just couldn’t pull anything without it hurting

well i’m not a doctor, but popping and persistent pain aren’t great signs…get it checked out as soon as possible.

What does it sound like

honestly…i can’t be sure as i’m not a doctor. but from research i’ve done, it sounds like you COULD have a tear of some kind.

Not Tommy John though:(

Get it looked at by a professional. There are many different signs of a UCL tear. I’ve already had Tommy John, but my symptoms sound nothing like yours. I had little pain, but there was swelling and popping, but I only had pain when I threw and even then it was not very painful. I just didn’t have anything behind the ball and I had no idea where it was going