Tommy John Coming Up

I’m undergoing Tommy John surgery on November 22nd. I’m really nervous about it however. I need some advice and maybe some information about anyone else’s surgery. I’m currently redshirted for my freshman year at Trine University.

It’s natural to be nervous about any surgical procedure. But TJ surgery is pretty common these days. And guys come back from elbow injuries and TJ surgery all the time.

I wish you good luck, bro!

Maybe, after the surgery, you’ll come back and share what you think caused the need for TJ surgery to help educate others so they might avoid the same fate.

I know what caused the surgery. In high school, I pitched many 7+ inning games with 125+ pitches. Especially in the early part of the season, pitchers need to keep a cap on pitches. It was my fault because I always said I felt good although I knew I’d be in pain the next day. When you push yourself hard in sports, there’s a threshold that you cannot cross. Know when to call it a day guys.

Good luck, make a comeback alright? :viking:

Yeesh. That’ll do it!

Rehab intelligently and hard. You’ll be back before you know it.