Tommy joh

I just pitched a baseball game and my elbow is starting to hurt i can move my arm and i dont know if i strained it or what i got worried because that is the area where tommy john is

I’m not a pro on this stuff but I have had it happen to me.

It’s usually overuse of just your arm. Work on mechanics and don’t throw 24/7.

I’m not 100% sure if this applies to right after the injury but it should only hurt when throwing. It may be soreness from pitching, but I normally only get sore in my shoulder and under elbow after a long outing, so I’m not 100% sure.

This happened to me 5 weeks ago. I pitched an inning in relief felt fine, but about 20 minutes after the game the inside part of my elbow started to hurt. Went to the doc and got an MRI turns out I have a flexor strain and just signs of overuse. If you can still lift certain things without mass amounts of pain you should be good. My injury requires no surgery but 4 weeks of rest. Killing me… best way to find out is get an MRI. Best of luck!