Tommy J

Hey Steven Ellis,

I need you to answer my question bud. I got Tommy John surgery in 2010 after my shittiest year pitching ever. And when i say shitty, i mean shitty. I was the worst pitcher of all time for my high school team. My question is how long does it take to recover from this treacherous injury and should i hope to throw 96 afterwards if i threw 92 before Tommy J?

Thanks Stellis.

-Tommy K

Is your real name Nicholas Kozlowski. i heard about that kid i hear he throws 72 on a good day now.

thank you sare. But i asked for stelly the kid personally. That is all.

oh dude im really sorry plz forgive me i hope we can still be friends my name is tommy 2

Your rehab from Tommy John is all dependent on how serious you want to take it. Typically you can return to competition around 11-13 months post op. I’m currently at the 13 month mark myself. It is said your full velocity won’t return typically until around 15-18 months. I was sitting in the 89-92 range before tearing my UCL. Currently, I’m in the 84-86 range but my breaking pitches have come back better than ever. While going through your rehab make sure you are pain free before continuing on to the next step. A 4mph jump is possible, but not just from having the surgery alone. Research indicates typically, if rehab is done correctly, you come back throwing anywhere from the same as before to about 2mph harder. Just make sure you listen to your arm and your doctors and I’m sure you’ll come back with the results you are looking for. Good luck and God bless!

I’ve had tommy john 2 times. Listen to me, depending on setback and how hard you work during therapy and what you do after in the gym will be key. for me 1st tj surgery took 22 months to be at 95 % only to blow it out again bc i didnt take therapy and working hard in the gym serious.

although i was still throwing just as hard 90-93 touching 95.

Work in the gym after surgery and therapy will make you increase velocity not the actual surgery !

I had my 2nd one oct of 2010 , im pushing really hard in the gym now doing nothing but plyometrics med ball work and olympic speed and power lifts. hoping to throw harder this time around with no injury or pain.

Best of luck to you, its tough to get through but if your positive and work hard you will be alright and by working hard push yourself and you may throw 96