Tom House Pitching DVD’s?


For my 1st post I was interested in NPA’s DVD pitching video for my 14 year old son for Xmas.

I love to throw & working out with my 14 year old but am always afraid of bad advice and so I thought buying a comprehensive DVD program might help us steer through the myriad of concepts.

Several years ago I bought one from Little League which was not very good (Play Ball - Pitching) so now I thought a more comprehensive set might make more sense. Of course from NPA web site they all look fine with good topics that I would like to cover but for the $200 bucks I was interested if anyone here thought they were a good value. I’d hate to stir up the bees nest and I admit ignorance as to the “culture” of this board as I’ve seen from time to time. Very interesting dedicated group of people here I would say.

Thanks for your incite(s)

Yes, in my opinion Tom House’s instructional videos are an outstanding value. I have them myself and basically they represent the highlights of House’s learning from a lifetime in baseball as an MLB pitcher, MLB pitching coach, and cutting edge researcher.

Even better, or in parallel with the videos, if you can get your son in front of Tom at one of his pitching clinics or a prospect camp that would be even better for him. (Nowadays House’s on-field pitching clinics are held at the USC campus in Los Angeles, where he is pitching coach, under the auspices of RDRBI).

House still works with everybody from Little Leaguers to Major Leaguers and he still treats everybody with the same respect and seriousness of purpose.

Thanks LA,
was hoping to hear that! I’ve since read a lot about Tom House in some posts around hear that sound very positive. Sounds like there’s mountains of good info to see and hear in their pitching program.

Think we’ll start with the DVD’s and try and get as much concept under our belts then later try for a NPA Camp (I saw this on a munster7 post which looks good too!). I didn’t know what RDRBI was – I Googled it for Rod Deaux Research & BB Institute - I will check this out as well (more interesting articles).

As you go through the information and training protocols, Roger can be a great resource for you here at LTP.

He has been pal’ing around with House for a long time and has stayed current with his NPA/RDRBI certification.

I’ll be attending the January certification. :guitar:

CScoach, if you don’t want to purchase the entire video series right now, I would suggest starting with the “Mechanics” and “Permance Drills” videos. I see on the NPA website that they actually have a “bundle” containing these two videos for (I assume) a special price.

The videos on Change-ups and Curveballs might also be appropriate now.

If you do decide to purchase the complete set of videos, I suggest paying the $50 to sign up for the members-only part of the website because that gets you reduced prices on everything. The complete video series appears to cost $149 for paid members. You’d still be laying out $200 but then you’ll get discounts on other things and you’ll have access to their article archive, etc.

I bought the Mechanics & Drills DVD’s. Both were well laid out & easy to follow even for me and my 11year old. The sequence & mechanics concepts were especially helpful to see again & again. I was interested in getting the Changeup and Curveballs DVD as well…
Googling around, I see a copy of the the entire NPA 8 disk series just went up for sale on eBay.