Toeing the Rubber


That’s different.
Usuly if it is not on a field they will let you know how to dress.


well all they said was don’t wear spikes


I forgot to mention that some of the local high schools have put together a small high school fall ball league. There are 5 teams. My high school doesn’t have a team so I was placed on a team that needed a couple of players. We don’t practice, just play games on the weekends. A different team plays a double header each week, so each team gets to play. Since I was at the Prospect Camp last weekend, I missed the first game of our double header, but made it back to play in the second game. We got beat but it’s more about learning and keeping sharp than it is about winning. I’m not playing another fall sport so this is fun. I’m still going to be working with my catcher friend as well.


My dad said he ran into one of the other dads that went to the MD Prospect Camp. He told my dad if I didn’t make it as a pitcher, I would make a great center fielder. I played some center field during the scrimmage and made a diving catch on one ball and threw a guy out at 3rd who tagged up on a fly ball to deep center. He told my dad I had the best arm of anyone at the camp. He was going to start long tossing with his son after watching me. His son was a pitcher and he never long tossed. Not like I do anyway. I used to throw from foul pole to foul pole in Little League. I max out at about 280’ right now. I haven’t played much outfield since I was on an 11U travel team, but it is fun throwing people out from long distances. Lol


I finally got a gun on me: Fast ball - 80 - 82. Hit 84 once… Curve 71 - 74. I want to get my FB up to 85 consistantly by the start of the season… What’s the best way to do that?


Nice. Your curveball speed is where it needs to be too. Got a change?

Given your build I would recommend finding a baseball specific trainer and hitting the weight room. If that is not possible find a weight trainer who can show you the right way to do front squats and deadlift. I like trap bar deadlift for beginners. I stole this from one of fearsome’s posts on a different thread.

“Deadlift, squats, lunges, rotational core work, medicine ball, lateral jumping, sprints, zottman curls, tricep exercises, pushups (elbows in), pull ups, dumb bell bench press, rows, band work, a rowing machine and on it goes…
the reason for the 5 lbs and under limit on the rotator cuff work is this is what stabilizes your shoulder when throwing, it is very important whether you are doing it with light weight dumbbells or bands. These are small muscles and will not be worked correctly if you are using heavy weights. Lifting heavy for rotator cuff stuff is not going to help that shoulder complex as larger muscles will take over. There is a lot of lifting that can be done, but, when doing a cuff routine there is good reason it is 5 lbs and under.”

You look like you have a mobile shoulder (good for pitching) and in my opinion you should stay away from back squats unless you can find a safety bar.

You need a bigger engine (butt and legs) and bigger brakes (rotator cuff).

Eat like it is a job.

You should be close to 90 by the end of you Junior summer.

Good luck,



Good advice from Ted,

Finding a trainer that “gets” what a pitcher needs can be sort of tough. I agree with his assessment of you shoulder. I also agree with the bigger engine (butt and legs) and bigger brakes comment. I much prefer trap bar deadlift as I find it safer generally.
There are guys who spend 2 1/2 hours at the gym moving weight around and there are guys who spend most of their time working on flexability and movement stuff. I think it is a mix for most guys. One key thing to remember when lifting is size and strength are two different things. Lifting for strength (power) is what you should be doing. The number of baseball coaches/teams/programs that have guys doing a Cross Fit model or doing a body building sort of modality amazes me.


I just met with a friend of my dad’s, who is a trainer, about working with me. He would like me to work with his daughter who is an aspiring softball player in exchange for time in the gym, so that might work. I showed him the type of exercises (from Ted’s post) I wanted to do - pitcher specific.
I was contacted by another D1 University about attending their prospect camp. It’s about 4 hours away, and it’s this weekend, so I don’t think I’ll make that one. I think I’ll hold off on doing more camps until next year.
I was looking at NCSA recruiting and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them? And would you recommend signing up. It appears to be free, but my dad says, nothing’s free. Lol. Thanks in advance.


NCSA has a free service. Will give you a profile and access to all college coaches email. Best I can remember they’re wanting around $1,500 for the premium service. Not worthwhile IMO. To get the free service will have to listen to their pitch which is akin to a used care sale. Go onto HS Baseball Web and search, will find several threads.


Got to agree with Pitcher17. You can learn a lot cruise the HS Baseball Web. Basically you can do all the stuff for free and not take up too much time, doing it yourself. You need to decide the types of colleges you might want to attend and target them. Perfect game is going to be a good way to have lots of coaches see you. Find college camps where you might learn some things and make some contacts with coaches of the schools that interest you. UVA has a good pitcher’s camp. Those guys are top notch coaches.

Good luck,



Finally got to play a fall ball game. The weather hasn’t been cooperating lately. I started the game - each pitcher is allowed 3 innings. The team I play for is made up entirely of players from another high school, and coached by their varsity assistant coach. So it was nice of the coach to let me start. We played against the team I would be playing for if I hadn’t moved - made up entirely of varsity players from that town - players who I played all through Little League with. I was amped up to face them and I was on my game. I struck out 9 of 10 batters with one walk. . . and the walk was debatable. All of my pitches were working. I think this was the best I’ve ever pitched. The results were definitely the best - hard to improve upon. Lol
I’m going to keep working on getting stronger and throwing harder.


Sounds like you had fun. I always had fun playing against kids I played with on other teams and vice versa.


Here’s the 1st batter of the day - a 3 pitch K. I was feeling pretty good and finished with 9Ks in 3 innings (and one walk).


Still throwing on Sundays. Basketball practice every other day. Working on my pitching exercises in between school and basketball. Doing light shoulder work, mostly. I plan to keep on throwing throughout the winter.
During my last game, my dad photographed me from behind the backstop netting. Here’s a meme he created. This is my knuckle curve - it breaks pretty sharp. This is the day I struck out the 9 of 10 batters (one walk).


Still playing basketball. I’m getting more playing time on the varsity - last night, I played 3 quarters for the JVs and left the game to rest up for the varsity start. I’ve started for the varsity the last 3 games. I played the entire varsity game last night without a break. I had 23 points after 3 quarters for the JVs and 21 points for the varsity and we won both games. I’m getting good cardio. One of my teammates told me I better ice my arm after last night’s game. I’m still doing my shoulder exercises and leg and core work for baseball, and will start doing indoor bullpens in a couple of weeks. Our varsity team needs a catcher, so if you know anyone that wants to start right away, send them up on the mountain (see one of my previous photos)


I’m back! I just finished up basketball and have been practicing with the baseball team. I’ve been long tossing on my own when it’s warm outside. We have a scrimmage on Sat. and our season begins on Monday (if the weather holds up - they’re calling for snow showers).

I’m now 6’ and weigh 142. I can’t seem to add weight. I’ve been eating more and better, but basketball must be burning it off. I haven’t started shaving yet, so I hope I still have some growth ahead of me.

I did some off-season training and feel like I’m throwing harder than ever. I have been long tossing up to 285’ and feel like I’m in mid-season form. I don’t know how many innings I’ll get to start the season, but I think I’m ready to go the distance right now.
I’ll keep posting my progress throughout the season.


To increase lean mass: increase your sprint work; decrease your distance running to not more than once per week (the day after a start); eat a natural peanut butter or almond butter or sun butter sandwich between breakfast, lunch, and after dinner (that’s 3 per day); add squats, lunges, step-ups, and other lower body exercises but stretch to maintain flexibility.


Well, I got a start last night. It was ugly. I pitched 4 innings, gave up 5 or 6 hits, and I lost track of the errors behind me. I really gave up 3 hits, but the kid doing the book had it otherwise. Is it an error when the first baseman doesn’t bend over for a ground ball? I think so. They recorded it as a hit. I struck out 3 and walked 3. Our catcher had at least 25 balls get past him to the backstop. If a runner got on first, which they did too often, they were on 3rd two pitches later. I’m disgusted. The coaches knew we needed a catcher for this season since our only catcher last year graduated, but they didn’t train anyone. My dad even tried to talk a couple of parents of catchers from other schools to transfer, but no luck. Today, after practice, the head coach tells me that he thinks he will need me to catch from now on, because the catcher can’t catch me. He can’t catch anybody, but I’m the only other person on the team that can catch. There’s one other sophomore that has caught before, but he doesn’t want to catch, so he never volunteered, because he wants to pitch. My dad said I should tell the coach to let this kid catch me, and I’ll catch him. He couldn’t be any worse than the kid that’s back there now. I’m really frustrated. I have tried to limit my pitches to fastballs and change-ups, so the catcher can catch them, but I’m facing some good hitters. My curve is my equalizer. If I can’t use it, I might as well sit on the bench. Besides, the catcher has trouble catching them too. I don’t know what to do. I’m about ready to quit and work on my own and get ready for Jr. Legion ball. Any advice???


Don’t think quitting would be best. If you’re looking to play at the next level may raise some red flags. As tough as it may be you’ve got to make the best of the situation; it is what it is. As long as the coach is not requiring something physically harmful do the best you can. I would draw the line on pitching/catching on same day. Best of luck, give it your best effort. In the end you’ll be a better player & man for the experience.


We got a new catcher. Our first baseman has been working on catching, so he’s no longer our first baseman. It’s been 100% improvement, so me and the other pitchers finally feel confident pitching. The outcomes haven’t been any better but we’re in games. We can’t score, but that’s a whole different story.
I’ve been going to the gym every morning before school at 5:30 and working till 6:45 on pitching specific weight training - squats, lunges, box jumps, core work, some upper body, and arm workouts. I found a college website that published their weight training program for their pitchers, so I’ve been following that. I’ve noticed an improvement in my overall strength and an increase in velocity.
I was doing some bullpen with my dad yesterday at a nearby baseball complex and a guy was there with his sons and he had a radar gun. I asked him if he would mind clocking me. According to his gun, I was averaging between 84 and 86. I jacked up one time and hit 90. So that’s the next plateau I guess.