Toeing the Rubber


The latest practice session. The catcher’s dad and grand-dad were videotaping him at the time. And there’s a large railroad yard across the street. Lol.


I’ve read where some pitchers don’t ice after pitching and some do. Personally, I find that icing makes my arm stiff and it takes longer for it to get back into form the next time I throw. When I don’t ice, my arm feels fine and is ready to go the next time. My arm doesn’t hurt after pitching to begin with. Does anyone else not ice?


We do not ice. I would suggest that icing the shoulder may be appropriate and icing an uninjured elbow is probably not a good thing. Just my opinion.


My son used to ice.
Once he got on a real arm care program he has had no need. This summer he threw 112 pitches in one game and didn’t have meaningful soreness the next day. If the arm is healthy and conditioned there should be no need for ice.


Icing is proved to slow down the recovery process. The doctor who first came out with R.I.C.E. therapy has written a book reversing his position on post performance icing. As he says, we need to take ourselves out of the ice age.


OK, I’m going to be heading to my first college baseball “Prospect Camp” next weekend.
Is there anything I should be working on in advance? I’ve been doing long toss (up to around 240 feet, pitching workouts, and sprinting (60 yard dash). Is there anything else I should work on, or should do to impress the coaches? Thanks in advance.


Hustle, smile, be respectful. Stay within yourself on the mound. You want a good firm fastball but do not over throw.

Good luck,



Wear your hat straight, wear baseball pants ect, carry your own bag.


Make sure you have a snack and water in your bag. DO NOT let mom or dad bring it to you at the dugout. It makes you look ill prepared and babied at the same time.


Same with carrying your own gear/bag.



Your prior post reminded me of a comment a well respected D1 coach made about parents doing too much for the player. It really turned him off.


Enjoy the experience, be relaxed. My son attended one for a mid to upper level D1 a couple of weeks ago. He’s been to quite a few over the past couple of years so he’s pretty used to the routine. Not sure about Maryland but the one he went to had maximum 100 spots available and probably around 130 were there. Had an afternoon session with probably about as many coming that came in our session. Most showcases will have several schools represented in addition to host. Mines a PO but I watched all of it in between his appearances. You’ll get an opportunity; relax & treat it like a practice. My kids velocity was a little off but pitched well. Didn’t get an opportunity to throw a second bullpen, was told 86 plus got called back & he only hit 83. He was disappointed in his performance but got home & had call on answering machine from a coach at a smaller school who was in attendance. They have spoken three times since. He’s gotten on the “radar” of some schools in past showcases and received legitimate contact, will attend one of their showcases in a couple of weeks and would be a great school. Still hasn’t gotten any love from his target schools but has gotten some attention which isn’t bad at all. Just saying; do your best and stay within yourself. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. Something may come of this one and maybe not or maybe not the school you’re hoping for. Regardless enjoy the experience and understand it will help you down the road. Best of luck and let us know how it goes!


The kid who’s parent grabbed a bag after a scrimmage…in fairness I think the parent just did it, without thinking…it was a bag of catchers gear and carried it to the storage shed. That kid (he catcher) was demoted on the spot and the entire team got an earful for about 20 minutes after practice and spent another 20 running sprints.
This same coach cut a second year player for running poles in shorts. He was very strict about stuff like that, on the field you re in baseball pants. Called him in from running "If you are going to run in shorts it won’t be here, clear your sh** out, you are cut."


I’m going with 3 friends and 2 parents are going along. Not mine. So I will definitely be carrying my own gear. I’ll let you know how it goes when I get back Sunday night. Thanks for the advice.


Well, my first Prospect Camp is in the books. There were about 25 players there. We did an assortment of drills: running, throwing, pitching, hitting, and fielding. We finished the day with a scrimmage.
I think I did pretty well. The coaches never said how they thought you were doing, they were busy taking notes. In the scrimmage, I pitched one inning and set them down in order, with a popup to 2nd, a weak grounder to 1st, and a strikeout. Most of the players were bigger kids - high school seniors, mostly from the mid-Atlantic region. One of the parents of my friend said he thought I was in the top 3 for velocity of the 14 pitchers there. They also had a long toss competition and I was the only one to throw a strike from deep center field. Lol
The coaches said they will send us an email this week that will include things we need to work on, as well as our various times, and hopefully, my pitching velocity. It was a good experience and I know what to expect the next time I go to one.


Good job Drake. Keep working.



Congrats! Sounds like you had a good camp.


Back to school. Here’s where I play baseball - on top of the world!


are you serious? that’s awesome


what if the tryouts are indoor? they were indoor for legion last year and basically everyone wore shorts and the coaches didn’t say anything.