Toeing the Rubber


I just watched the Under Armour All Star game which featured some of the best high school pitchers in the country.
I checked out the website for the next “audition” that was relatively close to me. It looks like about $600 to tryout, which seems pretty high. My dad’s friend (he played minor league ball) says that if you’re good enough, coaches and scouts will find you.
All of the players in this game were Juniors (I think anyway), and they all were throwing in the mid to high 90’s and most were 6’4" or more in height. I think I need to grow some inches and add some velocity. Lol


I watched it too. Actually almost all of the kids are seniors (Class of 2016).
If you are looking at prices, the Baseball Factory thing might still be cheaper than a Perfect Game showcase or other showcases.


Drake, sent you a PM


Thanks, Pitcher17. I think what I saw was the $499 morning session and the $99 afternoon tryout and combined them. I guess you don’t have to do both.

While I’m here, here’s my last video of practice. I was working on a new rocker step and was trying to crank it up a notch and lost my hat a few times. Lol


Think the difference is with or without video. Only glanced at the site but best I can remember the higher price included video and required earlier arrival. It was $99 for one position and pretty sure $149 for two (2 way players). My son had same issue with his summer team hat this year; flew off after pitch. Was a flat bill fitted but only s,m,l to chose. Bill would reshape if bent. To solve issue bent bill and put in the top of a drinking glass overnight. Have enough shape to stay on but still looked flat. Your arm slot is very similar to his; high 3/4 to over the top. The trunk tilt to tilt shoulders pulls the head to the side; pulling back on target causes a slight jerk and you lose your hat unless it’s a good fit. One of his teammates had the same issue.


Here’s some entertainment for a Monday night. Me pitching in an all-star tournament. I was 10.


Any guesses as to how fast I’m throwing in the latest video (not the one when I’m 10)? The coach thinks I’m in the mid 80’s. Anybody else have an opinion?


Anyone who would venture to guess from a video would truly be guessing. Looks like you have good velocity for your age. Anywhere you can go to be gunned?


Gotta get gunned.


I used my radar gun app on my phone (which aren’t always accurate) and i had you throwing 76-78 and topped out at 80. once again, not always accurate but it will give you an idea


I just downloaded a phone app and it came up between 92 and 97. I like it. Lol


The apps are basically worthless.


What do you know about Kinovea? It was referenced in another thread. I’ve read a little about it, seems like a cool idea but no clue whether it works. Don’t need myself (got a Stalker), just curious.


The other post re: apps was Spam…sorry about that.

I’d get a Stalker tho. Even an older, used one can be found for around $300 and works perfectly. This way, you’re measuring yourself with the exact same tool that a pro scout will measure you with.


you just have to learn to time it correctly and its pretty accurate. i tried it out on eovaldi the other day and was usually about 1-2 mph off and sometimes got it exact. if you have the same one as me you have to press it on release, hold, and let go right when it hits the catchers glove


This doesn’t take into account a pitchers height, stride and release point not to mention the glove is behind the plate. It may accurate from time to time, but overall, no.


This is the last 7 minutes of a 17 minute 60 pitch bullpen session. We’re doing this every Sunday till the weather won’t let us.


Pace is good between pitches. Take a few minutes off every 20 pitches or so. I would avoid varying location on every pitch. Try 5-8 of a pitch to the same spot then try another location, etc. It will help establish a feel for each pitch. It’s easier to repeat a pitch by recalling its feel before executing it. Bullpens should be for refining and focusing the feel of certain pitches you need to improve with.


Thanks Coach Paul, that makes sense. Here’s what I came up with: 6 - 2 seam in; 6 - 2 seam out; 6 - 4 seam in; 6 - 4 seam out. BREAK. 6 slider in; 6 slider out; 6 knuckle curve in; 6 knuckle curve out; BREAK. 6 change-up in; 6 change-up out. I was going to include my 12/6 curve, but it is a little shaky and requires a different arm action, so I may drop it from my list. What do you think?


I’d try to keep it to 15-20 pitches between breaks. So go with 5 of each or simply break before throwing your set of 4 seamers away.

Lots of my son’s pens are 10 x2SFB down and in, 10x4SFB down and in BREAK;10xcurve down and in, 10xcurve down and away BREAK; 10x2SFB down and away, 10x4SFB at the top of the mask. Sometimes we split the 2SFB sets with 5 FB and 5 change ups.

Let me know what you think after you have 2 or 3 of these pens. I’d be interested in what you are seeing relative to the margin by which you are missing your targets.