Toeing the Rubber


Good job.
Nice improvement…keep going!!


Here’s my latest video - short and sweet.

Finally won my first game of the year. I pitched a 5 inning game and struck out 10. The coach let some of the kids that don’t get to play much play in the outfield. One ball got hit to shallow right and the right fielder didn’t move. That was the only hit I gave up. I didn’t get to pitch too much this season, since I caught everyone else. It was a frustrating season, but I managed to hang in there. My last game catching I threw out 3 batters trying to steal second, and should have had a 4th - the ss dropped the ball on the tag. I think the team we played had heard about our problems at catcher. They must have thought I was the catcher that had struggled. After those 4 attempted steals, I think they finally realized it wasn’t me.
I’ve been asked to play in a local rec league, as well as the Jr Legion League. I think I’ll just play Legion and keep working out in the gym. I’m still hitting the weights and trying to put on some weight. I’ll be 17 in another month. I’ll post my updated stats then.


I started 2 of my 3 Junior Legion games and came away with wins in both of them. I’ve given up one earned run - a home run to a player that everyone knows is too old, but nobody seems to care, so it is what it is. We beat them 10 - 1.
It’s good to play with good players around me. My coach told me not to worry about striking everyone out, like I’ve had to do on most of my previous teams. He wants me to pitch to contact, and not to nibble too much… My first game, I came away with 0 walks, which is a rare accomplishment for me. The next game, I had 3 walks but the strike zone seemed real tight, for both teams. It was raining throughout most of the game, so the ball was harder to control. I left the game after 5 innings up, having given up one hit and leading 7 - 0, and we ended up winning 7 - 2 as the coach brought in some younger players to get some playing time.
The rec league first game is tomorrow, and I will probably play some outfield.
I’ll post again soon.


I just pitched a complete game (7 inning) 2 hitter. Gave up 2 walks and struck out 5 against a good Junior Legion team from Morgantown, WV. We won 2 - 1. One unearned run. Pitched 76 pitches, and I feel good. The Legion team is 4 - 0 and I’m 3 - 0.
My rec league team won all 3 games so far. I haven’t pitched for them, just played left field. I talked to the Rec team coach and he knows I play Legion, so he doesn’t want me to pitch unless there’s a gap in my Legion schedule. I’ve been struggling at the plate though, so I need to work in the cage and get my bat straightened out.
I will be playing in a Legion tournament this weekend, so I’ll post after that.


We went 1 - 1 in the tournament over the weekend. I didn’t get to pitch, I just caught the game we won 10 - 0. We lost the next game 11 - 1 and were eliminated.
We played again last night and I felt some tightness in my shoulder. I started the game and never felt comfortable. I struggled through an inning and a third. The coach finally realized it was time for me to take a seat. I don’t know what was going on. It was like I couldn’t raise my arm up. My dad said it looked like I was trying to throw a pie at someone, like I was pushing the ball. In any event, I finished the game in left field.
I have an appointment tomorrow to see if the doctor can figure out what’s going on. Hopefully nothing major - maybe just some rest. I’ll check back later.


My son just recovered from what sounds like a very similar issue, had to miss a tournament. His was caused by weedeating for several hours (summer job). Took him about 6 days to recover.


How’s your shoulder? We thought my son recovered but ended up aggravating it by continuing to throw. Coach thought he had bicep tendonitis and recommended he shut down for a week. I sent him to a sports ortho who diagnosed him with tendonitis around the rotator cuff with inflammation. By the time he went he’d shut down for almost a week. Dr advised him no throwing for an additional week and prescribed him anti inflamatories. Will start tossing the end of next week and work into pitching after the 4th. Luckily nothing serious but continuing to pitch could have led to something worse. Hopefully yours went away on its own but sounds similar to my son, his was simply a case of overuse. Bummer to miss tournaments but health is more important.


Diagnosis: Rotator cuff tendon strain - so it sounds just like what your son has. I had to stop throwing for 7 days. I wasn’t allowed to do anything - no throwing, no weight lifting, nothing. He just let me play in my first game Wednesday night. I played 4 innings in left field. I had a double and an RBI in a 3 - 2 win. I also made a sliding diving catch of a fly ball and doubled the base-runner off of 1st.
I’m not allowed to pitch until Sunday, and only 30 - 40 pitches. The injury is from overuse. I think I actually hurt it early in my high school season, and just kept pitching, thinking it was just tightness that would work its way out. I now have some exercises and stretching to do that hopefully makes the muscles around the rotator cuff stronger.


I pitched my 35 pitches. I am still struggling. My shoulder isn’t sore, it just feels tight. My mechanics seem different and I’m struggling to throw with any velocity, and I’m struggling to throw strikes. Just when my bat is coming alive my arm is failing me. I DH’d tonight. I almost hit one out - a one hopper over the center field fence at 380’. I’ve never hit with power before, but things are clicking with my bat right now. I’m playing in a Junior Legion tournament this coming weekend and then I think I’ll hang it up for a while. Is there anything I can do to get my arm back in 3 or 4 days? Any advice is welcome.


Did you go to a family doctor or a sports orthopedic? My son went to the later and his rest time is considerably longer than what your doctor recommended. Issues sound identical. My son’s was described as an overuse issue aggravated by using a commercial grade weedeater without a shoulder strap for an extended period of time then continuing to throw with a tight shoulder. His Dr recommended a full two weeks off any throwing then another week of easing into throwing then pitching, three weeks total. Dr said it’s a minor issue and he should be fine but he has to rest it. Also prescribed him anti inflamatories. He’s missing the bulk of his summer season including a huge tournament. It really sucks but a no show is better than a poor show, getting healthy matters more than missing a tournament. I’d go back to the doc or see a sports ortho if you haven’t already. Hope I’m wrong but doubt you’ll be ready to pitch in 3 or 4 days. Decent possibility if this is true you may still be cleared to hit. Whatever the outcome wish you all the best.


I went to a physical therapist. When I first went to see him, he thought it would be an easy fix. He gave me some ultrasound treatment and then hooked me up with some electrodes to stimulate my muscles - or relax them. It felt pretty good after the treatment, but as soon as I started throwing, my arm seemed to tighten back up. What I’ve been reading recommends stretching instead of resting to loosen up the tight muscles. The 10 or so days I rested didn’t seem to help at all.


We got some free advice from a physical therapist prior to going to the doc. He thought it was bicep tendonitis and a week off would cure him. I talked to a couple of people and was told bicep tendonitis rest time would take longer than a week, reason I sent him to the doc. Turned out to be tendonitis around the rotator cuff with inflammation and recommended longer rest period. My son is almost two weeks into full rest and has complete range of motion now. Only has a slight sensation when he stretches his arm straight up. Like you; his shoulder was never sore only tight. His velocity dropped about 6 mph and his mechanics changed considerably. IMO another good reason to get healthy. Compensation can often make a minor issue a major one. Changing how you throw to take pressure off your shoulder could lead to other injuries.


That’s what I’m doing - compensating for the lack of full range of motion. I’m dropping my elbow - and pushing the ball. My velocity dropped by at least 10 mph, and my accuracy suffered. How about a chiropractor? Do they help with muscle issues?


Got a feeling it’s going to take some time off. I’d go to a sports orthopedic. Chiropractors can help with a lot of issues but doubt they could help you recover any quicker from tendonitis and inflammation. I’d also want to rule out any other issues.


I went to a massage therapist this morning. She was able to loosen up a lot of my tightness. I have about 90% of my range of motion back, compared to about 40% before I went. Most of the pain is gone too. She would press on areas that hurt and then massage those areas until the pain went away. She showed me some exercises to do and how to remove the tightness if it returned. It’s a miracle. Lol


Hope it works for you. We went to a tournament 7 hours from home. Day before he pitched he tossed to loosen up and was extremely tight. It was like you described “throwing pies”. Got him a massage later in the evening & he felt great. Felt great tossing earlier the next day but tightened again when he began to throw his bullpen prior to his start. Didn’t have a good outing, mechanics changed and velocity was way down. Walked 3 batters and mostly stayed behind in the count, normally has very good control. I do hope the massage solved the issue unfortunately didn’t do it for my son, just temporary relief. My recommendation is listen to your body. If it tightens again or doesn’t feel right when you throw a bullpen shut it down until you get a conclusive answer. Bad thing about tendonitis is if you continue to throw it will likely become chronic. Could end up with something worse such as a labrum tear.


Thanks. I’m going to try to slowly work on getting my mechanics back in form. I don’t plan on pitching (throwing at full velocity) any more until I do. I don’t mind playing outfield for now - an occasional throw back to the infield doesn’t seem to bother me. I hope I don’t have to throw anyone out from the warning track to the plate though. Lol. I just don’t want to DH anymore. I’ll see how the next couple of days play out and go from there. If I can’t get my mechanics back, I’ll shut down pitching till everything is back to normal. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.


Best of luck, let us know how everything goes.


Sorry to hear about the minor setback. The bicep attaches in two places. At elbow and in the shoulder. If you’re having pain and stiffness in the shoulder socket take it easy and go see a sports med doc right away. I would try to get on a shoulder based band program such as Tuff Cuff or Jbands. Try to strengthen the shoulder and scap up and maybe that will help. I’ve found that bicep soreness is shoulder pain/issue in disguise. Best of luck. I know I probably repeated things you’ve already heard but just want to help. Hope everything works out!


Thanks for the advice and good wishes.
When the massage therapist was rubbing out sore spots, the one that hurt the most was right in the front of the shoulder, right beside the pectoral muscle. The 2nd most sore spot was at the bottom of the V in the deltoid. Neither place was noticeably sore until she started working her thumb into those spots. She said they were trigger spots or something like that. I’m going to stretch some each morning and see how I feel on Friday. That’s our first tournament game. I’ve been looking forward to playing in this tournament since I was in Little League. It’s disappointing not to be able to be at my best for it.