Toe Drag

I am sure this topic has been addressed before, but as you may notice this is my first post on this board so if there is a previous thread that addresses this topic please direct me, if nothing recent then please explain the importance of the toe drag, I have a 16 yr that has a problem with no toe toe drag, he has more of a pivot and lift off. The video’s of the pro’s show toe drag, so I’m curious about the importance of toe drag and how to fix problem if nessacerry.

As a pitcher rotates open toward the plate, he needs to convert most of that angular momentum to linear momentum so that his body and the pitch both track straight to the target at ball release.

I think of the dragging post foot something like the keel of a surfboard–it doesn’t impede the velocity of rotational movement up top, but it helps to stabilize your lower body going into the release point and it helps to define a stopping point for the upper body rotation.

There are some elite pitchers that don’t have a drag-line but they are by far the exception, not the rule.

Young guys without a drag-line are usually starting their delivery with their posture too high. With no ‘keel’ to stabilize them, they often are dynamically unbalanced going into their release point, so they may have trouble with control because they can’t consistently repeat a release point.