Today i pitched

in off season game and i was called several time meatballer by the other team because i wasnt throwing hard. got 3 ks and gave up 4 runs 0 bb in 6 innings. they had a radar gun (pointess) and i was gunned at 74 mph on hardest pitch. im playing againt A and AA guys anywhere between 18 and 25 year old. i won the game 7-4 my closer got out and struck out the side on 11 pitches all fastballs. i guess he wasnt maetballing haha.

you absolutly suck OMG. why would you throw so slow??? throw harder GOD! i bet you always give up homeruns and doubles/triples. you tell us how slow you pitch too which i think is funny i would be ashamed OMG!

Doc from Major League: Back to the minors maxed out at 55mph and he did alright! :wink:

whats wrong with not throwing hard and getting batters out? i can throw 80mph if i want but throwing 73-74 mph makes me throw the ball wherevere i want isnt tha what people call control? i think you’re too much into your fastball forkball combination and forget theres different ways to pitch and i already said in an other post that my fastball is my change-up and my change-up is my fastball. you don’t have a clue what i really worth just stfu.

Ok everyone calm down here

My view is at around 17+ if you don’t throw 80 at least and show that you can throw 80 to scouts your chances of Div 1 or Pro ball are 0-none. I think you should start to throw 80 and harder so you can play baseball for a longer time. Amp it up and put it on the corner.

Comand isn’t everything to alot of pitchers if they can throw it near the place they want it at a high MPH. THrow hard

just do it {NIKE}

thats exactly my point right there, he says he’s at least 18 too if he pitches in a 18 to 25 year old team so that type of velocity is totally stupid. what do you mean your change up is your fastball and vice versa? you throw change-ups in fastball counts and fastball in change-up counts? theres nothing new in that people have been doing that forever. if you mean you grip the ball in a change up way for your fastball and grip the ball in a fastball way for your change-up i’ve never seen anyone doing that and i dont get it, anywAY just like ristar said, you got to throw harder to get people out, leave the command for guys that can’t throw hard. i just think that’s amazing how you say you can get batters out from A and AA ball with slow stuffs like thast, even batting practice goes faster for these guys. i would have called you meatballer too if i was at this game.

I don’t think velocity can be stupid but your responses to this have been. I hate to use my first post to let you know that but you obviously aren’t contributing with posts like these. This might work at the cafeteria table with your buddies but I can’t imagine that it’s wanted here.

Let’s not start a fight here. I’m going to step in and say i think forkball is trying to just tell him to throw harder if he wants to get anywhere. Forkball is giving good advice you need to start throwing 80+ sometime. Also forkball could have worded the statement a little better then attacking but we get your point.

Respect each other

2 things:

  1. He ALREADY is getting people out so he really doesn’t HAVE to throw harder. I get what you mean by saying if he can throw harder, then do it but he is getting them out and he can control the ball better not throwing as hard.

  2. Command is for everyone. If you don’t have it, you can’t throw strikes so whats the point of throwing hard if you can’t get people out? You would just load the bases and walk batters homeover and over again.

4pie I think RIstar really means is that if you can throw harder then practice at it to get the control of your higher speed pitches.

I hate when people are like “Oooh he can’t throw that hard” for some reason that just get me mad angry. I face kids younger than me now and don’t face hard pitching, but when next year comes a long I’m sure I’m gonna get a lot of that. (P.S usually the kids I have faced that are real cocky and think they are all special, suck…badly)

This post is a grammar abomination.

Anyway, throwing hard isn’t everything. Remember that pitching involves command, movement, location, velocity, etc. and not just one aspect.

[quote=“RIstar”]Let’s not start a fight here. I’m going to step in and say i think forkball is trying to just tell him to throw harder if he wants to get anywhere. Forkball is giving good advice you need to start throwing 80+ sometime. Also forkball could have worded the statement a little better then attacking but we get your point.


RIstar I don’t think he was complaining about anything. Forkball is not giving any good advice. Yes RIstar you claim to have gained like 10 MPH by thinking to throw harder. If this is true or not, besides the point, you can’t tell someone that as good sound advice. Please show me where forkballer gave some good advice. I don’t see it.

What I did see was downing another person when he has the choice yes I will repeat that choice yes forkballer has a choice as to comment or not. Forkballer you seem frustrated by someone elses post. Why? You don’t even have to read it. You don’t have to say a word. I’m pretty sure this forum is named General Pitching Advice. You have no good advice then don’t say anything.

It’s not up to me but if I were a forum moderator I would probably ban you depending on your age. Theres no excuse for that at any age but a teenager will change so if your in that age you should get another chance. If not then there is something wrong with you.

RIstar I don’t see why you are sticking up for him saying he gave good advice. I don’t see it, if someone else does please inform me of the good advice forkabller gave.

ok so i guess forkballer thinks i’m no good enough to pitch, but please, before you start telling me how bad i am, understand that i DID get people out this year, 2.88 ERA in 15 starts and yes i throw my fastball with a change-up grip and my change-up with a fastball grip, the thing is i set him up with slow stuffs so he’s late on my not so fast stuffs. i don’t see the need to throw in the 80s right now and rememeber guys like doug jones and more recently tom glavine and jamie moyer are getting BIG LEAGUE batters out with 80 mph fastballs if you take in consideration big league pitchers usually throw around 90mph and my league usually throw around 85mph there is not really a big difference. i think you don’t understand you don’t have to strike everybody out to win games, i bet your forkball is really good and all but you probably get groundballs out of it more than strike outs. anyway, i was just happy about my start and happy i beat the guys who called me meatballer all night long. you’re just an other guy calling me meatballer, the difference is i didn’t beat you in a ballgame.

Bower I said that it was a good point but he should have worded it different instead of attacking him like that.

Your saying that when he told 4pie that he needs to throw harder, thats a good point? Besides the way he worded it, your saying telling someone they need to throw harder is a good point? Thats like telling someone to stop letting in so many runs, or telling a batter that he needs to get more homeruns.

He wasn’t asking why he hasn’t been doing good. Now if he said I’m doing bad and I don’t know whats wrong and you said you need to throw harder that makes sense but this is hardly the point.

Forkballer, my experience with you has left me the impression is that you are a fraud (you show us other peoples mechanics and claim they’re yours), you don’t know much about pitching (all you do is talk about how good you are and how you throw 90 mph and a 75 mph forkball), and that you are generally rude and argumentative. While I know you are probably going to reply with something mean, I don’t care. How can you just say that someone sucks? :disbelief:

Bower yes if he can throw 80 then throw 80 and work on control don’t throw 70-74 and great control. Scouts and colleges will not look at you at 74 mph.

im not trying to be mean but GOD! i was throwing 75mph in highsvcool, this is just ridiculous, i knowe you’re in college and everything but how did you even got there? watching you pitch would probably make me thirsty, because i would have to stare for so long, LOL jk. seriously though, like everybody said, throw harder and get it by people if you can, thats how you get drsafted, i will get drafted i throw a forkball for more than 5 years now and it’s around 78 mph now. it floters like a knuckleball. your change-up is probably looping like a softball pitch or something. i dont want to be mean but ibve never seen anyopne get batters out at 75mph with their fastball agaiunats 25year old AA guys. i dont think this is even possible. they would rocket basically anything you’d throw. i play against people from that group of age and talent and i can tell you without my 90mph fastball and 75 mph forkball i csant get them out. nobody throws sof like you do and i never seen anyone doing it. i don’t think thats even possible that s all i have to say.

Did he say he was looking to get drafted or get a scholarship or anything?

I don’t belive he asked that in the original post, maby past posts but not this one. Not everyone is exately like you RIstar, from what I see you seem to think that. Some people play to have fun not to get a scholarship or drafted. Sorry buddy not everyone thinks alike.

And Forkball I would like to see this so called 75 MPH Forkball in action. You say you will get drafted but I’ve never seen a video of you. You question this guys credibility for striking people out but I belive no ones even seen a video of you pitching. I don’t think you can even throw that fast, personally. If I see it I’ll belive it.

end of topic we don’t need a fight between you 2 here.

Keep the peace

i dont even strike out that much guys anyway, 63 innings pitched and only 23KS. I gave up only 37 hits though. the thing is i never get tired and either pitch most innings allowed, 6 out of 7, or get pulled because of bad outing wehich only happenned twice in 16 starts. youforkballer can probably throw hard but ive read somewhere you are a closer, is it because you dont have any stamina? if so scouts dont like guys who cant throw hard more than like 20 pitches. anyway i dint even know if anything you say is real, just like bower said, you claim stuffs but cant back it up, i say i throw 74, do you resally need a video to believe me? :? i could hit 81 at beginning of the year and i can probably throw mid 80s right now, the point is i seriously dont need to. but that you dont seem to ever understand it. you’ve been on my case from the begginning and cant stop telling me how i either dont have a forkball, dont have enough speed or dont have enough pitches, thats stupid considering the fact you never saw me pitching.