To what level of baseball have you reached?

I was wondering what level of baseball some of this forums users have reached. If you could post yours or somebody else’s that you know on this post it would be appreciated. After a while I will make a list.

Steven Ellis - MiLB
CanadianBall51 - Semipro
Zita Carno - Semipro
huskie18 - MiLB
Southern Smoke - College
4pie - Independent League

Methinks a lot of people don’t quite know how to answer this question. It could be that either they are playing above their level or below it, for whatever reason. So let me begin by saying that although I played the game for fun, I took it seriously enough that I used various major league strategies to win. I hooked up at age 14 with a very good, high-level sandlot team that might have been called semipro if we had gotten paid; our manager was a semipro infielder who had very good baseball savvy way above that level, and we played major league rules all the way. I played until I was into my mid-30s and then I had to stop when my work schedule caught up with me and I lost my free weekends—but I had fun; I won a lot of games as a starting pitcher and rescued a lot of games as a late-inning reliever. So you might say that I played at a very professional level. Oh yeah—I was the only girl on the team, but the guys, all of whom were 18 and older, didn’t bat an eyelash because I was getting the batters out with the stuff I threw. :slight_smile: 8)

Highest level I’ve reached would be the one I’m at now which in Ontario is called juniors. Best 18-21 year old kids the city can find, when I turn 21 I plan on playing with one of the senior teams in the IBL which is a semi professional league.

Junior AAA or AA?

Also, what league?

HS. Going on to college for ball, also was just drafted.

By who?

By who?[/quote]

Check your PMs

Junior AAA or AA?

Also, what league?[/quote]

Juniors there isn’t a break down like there is in midget, it’s basically AAA or bust…JICBL is the name of the league

Minors (Cardinals- rookie ball)
Playing Indpendent currently (Northern league and Frontier league)

huskie do you know who the Fargo-moorhead redhawks are?

played in a 18-21 year old independant league, dont know what you might call it, ive been off the field for 3 years now because of work schedule but im thinking of going back someday, im actually making open mlb tryouts sometimes when i feel like ive been sharp lately (because i never stopped pitching just stopped pitching competitionaly) and right now it didnt payoff i just day dream about it.

Southern Smoke:

What level of college?

im not on their :frowning:

im going into PONY, right above little league. hope to make it to semipro