To throw a good cutter do you need to turn your wrist over?

To throw a good cutter do you need to turn your wrist over like a curveball?
I asked a similar question earlier but nobody understood it.

This is what the NPA teaches:

Fastball is palm forward.
Curve is 90 degrees of supination from fastball position.
Slider is half the supination of a curve.
Cutter is half a slider.

For all supinated pitches, the angle of supination must be set early (before forward arm acceleration) and maintained through ball release (i.e. no additional supination during forward arm acceleration).

My son’s 15 and has learned the cutter over the last off-season.

I’m not a pitching coach; so, take this as an individual perspective from my observations of my son’s pitching coach.

He grips the pitch with a kind of off-set grip from the four seam fast ball with his index and middle fingers on the horseshoe seam and thumb under the opposite seam. The important part for him was having a good feeling with his middle finger and thumb on those two seams.

As far as throwing it, he throws it like a fast ball; and as his hand gets in front, he pushes down, curls his middle finger on that seam, which creates the rotation.

Actually, what he’s learned from his coach is the pitch is fastball, fastball, the hand is in front, and cut. There is no real preset or offset other than the grip until the hand is in front.

One very important thing is that there is no snapping of the wrist or hand to achieve the pitch. He started learning the pitch by just handling the grip first and throwing it as a fastball. Later, his coach worked with him to achieve the rotation by curling his middle finger, pressing or applying pressure on that seam as he got the pitch in front of him.

There are a lot of pictures of the grip on this site and other sites.

Here’s a link to two Stanford baseball coaches working with a pitcher on the cutter:

for a cutter to want a quick hard snap but just barely. shouldnt even be called a snap. a cuttin motion

I throw my cutter with a real loose grip, i focus on snapping my wrist and not pulling on a seam, i have my index and middle finger at 11 o clock and my thumb at 5 (LHP), the most important thing is finishing the pitch and staying behind it other wise your going to turn it over and its going to turn into a slider.

even though i said use a small snap. thats not how i throw it. i just put more pressure on my middle and it naturaly cuts

Here’s a video on Mariano Rivera’s cutter which is probably the best in baseball…