To Steven Ellis

hey steve,
i was just wondering if you have any pics or videos of yourself that you would like to share with me/us.
i am curious on how your mechanics look like.
thanks :smiley:

I know this question has been asked like a million times, so there’s some thread out there with this in it. If I remember correctly, Steven has all his appearances on DVD but can’t get them on his computer.

I’m curious too, so Steven download something called “Handbrake.” Put the DVD in and open the app, then a pop-up screen should appear. Click “VIDEO_TS” and “select,” then “Start.” Should work.

I think it was VHS so he needs to get it to DVD so he can post

Ah. One of my old teachers had a converter. Dunno where it was from though.

Maybe Mr. Ellis could take some new video, if he ever got a chance? It’d be really nice to see your mechanics, and they would really help me/everyone else out alot!