To steve and those people that truly

I would like to thank you. All of you helped me grasp the concept of baseball, what was just a game, to a meaning even deeper. I understand it now, I am no longer just doing it. I have been looking at this site for the answers I had questions to for years, this site truly helped. It made me understand that with thought anything is possible. Steve without you and the helpful people on this site, you know who you are, I wouldn’t of been able to truly understand the game like I do today. Baseball is more than a sport, it’s a way of life. Everything in my life, I can consciously think about, can relate to it. This site got me a full ride to play baseball, but i’m only starting to learn the sport, I’m only starting to learn myself. I can be my minds “superman” if i really want to, without your guys’ help i would of never understood that. I will remember all of you on here for the rest of my life, for that i thank you. When I first joined this site i would have never thought it helped me this much, but it took me from the being the best player in my small town, to being one of the best in my area. The scary thing is I didn’t understand it then, therefore i am only going to get better. You guys taught me the idea of seeing is believing, now I understand the idea that believing is doing. It’s no longer that i’m to scared to think about my future, it’s that I know my future I just have to focus and believe and it will happen, it’s going to happen. Those that don’t understand me think of this as you want, this is where you will be if you believe. Thought itself is belief. Thanks for your time. Sorry about it being so long, this is the only way I could explain it.


Satchel Paige once said, “You have to believe in yourself. When you believe, you do.” Sup3rman, I for one am very pleased to see that you’ve begun to grasp the idea of what this wonderful game we call baseball is all about, and all I can say is “Stay with it.” :slight_smile: All of us who post here regularly—at least, most of us—know a great deal about the game and are always ready to offer advice and assistance to all who ask for it.
I for one played for many years and I’m still finding out things about the various aspects of pitching! It’s a never-ending process; one never stops learning, never stops asking questions. That’s what major leaguers through the decades have found out for themselves. Welcome to the club. 8) :baseballpitcher:

And its so true I started to understand this the other day, I always understood the physics of the game, but that was through other people. I finally grasped it through my own perception, I really do understand the game 100 times more right now then i did 3 weeks ago. I think it took me to get out of what I new my whole life and to get to college to succeed. It’s not that the coaching is changing, i think i’m changing! I love it! haha :slight_smile: I love baseball again!

During your playing career, you’ll find many good people in this game/sport/business. You’ll find ways to improve your lot in life, your family’s, and others around you.

But, be cautious. You will encounter people and have certain methods of dealing with you and yours that’ll seem unusual, unorthodox, and even unfair. Don’t let these things change who you really are - inside. You may have to wear a thicker skin from time to time, just remember it’s just the skin. What covers the real you is still the real you.

There are those that enter baseball with more than just ability to play. These people are sharper than most, have perception that goes beyond “touching them all”, and see the sport as a way of really making a living. And thousands of these people get into baseball through a vary narrow pipeline that gets smaller and smaller the further they (you) go. Some progress on their own merits alone, while others mix in a bit of politics, locker-room antics, and so on.

I sincerely wish you all the very best in your career, if baseball is your destiny.

By the way, very few, and I mean very few, take the time like you did to come back and say “thanks”. Over the many years that I’ve coached I can count on both hands how many men have made it to a better life and took the time to remember who helped along the way - it’s just the way it is. You, on the other hand, have a deeper fiber to your nap-n-weave. Don’t lose that - you’ve got the makings of great - not just good.

Coach B.