To prove the doubters wrong

Well in inspiration to Lengthy Lefty’s pitching log I want to create one myself. To start off I’ll introduce myself I’m Leskow currently a sophomore in college. I play at a small D3 school in my home town. Some may not believe it but me only played one year of high school baseball and that was my senior year. My hs coach saw some potential in my and basically asked me towards the end of our season if I’d be interested in playing collegiate baseball and I had no other plans so I of course said yes! Now looking back at it I’m very thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given by my hs coach.
Anyways, last year was plagued by injuries for me; I had a recurring elbow pain that wouldn’t go away towards the end of my freshman season. It was a very disappointing season for me statistically. I’m now dedicating myself to become the best pitcher I can become with the next three precious years I have left of my college eligibility.
Weight: 165 lbs
Height: 6’3"
Velo; FB 84-86 touched 88 few times past summer
Also throw a CB and CH but don’t know the exact MPH for those.
Any information will be appreciated greatly, as well as motivation. Coming out of high school I had a lot of people out there doubting my ability to play college ball and I’m going to work my hardest to prove them all wrong!

Wow, that’s pretty impressive!

Thanks, may I ask where your from in Ohio? I live in NW Ohio also!

I sent you a PM

Just thought Id say I love the name of this log

Talk about “proving the doubters wrong”—I know of so many examples of this, too many to mention all of them, but I will cite two cases here.
Phil Rizzuto. He was a real shrimp as ballplayers go—five-six if he was an inch. He tried out for the New York Giants, and they told him he simply would not do, because he was too small. He tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and they told him to go get a shoeshine box. Then he tried out for the Yankees—and they saw something in him and signed him up, and he went on to become one of the great shortstops of all time. He proved the doubters very, very wrong.
Ed Lopat started out as a first baseman, but while he was in the minors he converted to a pitcher. He didn’t do badly at all, and in the AA Southern Association he started to attract some attention. But the scouts paid no attention to him—because he didn’t have a fast ball worthy of the name. However, a former major league umpire who had become president of the Southern Association talked to the Chicago White Sox and convinced them to take a chance on this lefthander. They took him on a thirty-day trial basis, and when he won a number of games—including zeroing in on the Cleveland Indians and beating them consistently to an unrecognizable pulp—the Chisox decided to keep him. He spent four years, 1944 through 1947, being a good pitcher for a lousy team, and he attracted the attention of the Yankees who decided they had to have him—in large part because of his uncanny control (on the average, he would walk one batter every five innings or so).
The Yanks acquired him in 1948, just before the start of spring trainikng, in a trade that to this day still has the White Sox scratching their heads and wondering how they let him get away, and he spent the next seven and a half years being a very, very good pitcher with a great team. And he continued to beat the Indians to an unrecognizable pulp, not to mention several other teams in the league.
The irony of this situation was that the Indians could have had him! They could have purchased his contract from the minors at the end of the 1943 season for a song—but they chose, instead, to listen to their scouts who said that he would never make it to the majors because he didn’t have a fast ball. This decision came back to haunt them for twelve years.
He definitely proved the doubters very, very wrong. The upshot of all of this? Go to it, make the most of what you have and show everybody that you have what it takes. :slight_smile: 8)

Wow, that’s very interesting! Thanks, a lot for the motivation believe me I’m trying my best to do what I can! Its sucks though being in Ohio and having 6in of snow on the ground :frowning: can’t wait until spring gets here! Seasons right around the corner that’s for sure!

Hey leskow, best of the luck your next 3 years. You seem to have a good goal in mind. If you work hard and smart good things are bound to happen. I also play at d3 school up here in Minnesota, so I feel your pain with the snow :frowning:

Maybe we’ll face each other some day :wink:

[quote=“Priceless”]Hey leskow, best of the luck your next 3 years. You seem to have a good goal in mind. If you work hard and smart good things are bound to happen. I also play at d3 school up here in Minnesota, so I feel your pain with the snow :frowning:

Maybe we’ll face each other some day :wink:[/quote]Iowa isn’t any better snow wise! I feel for both of you guys! Good luck!

Priceless: Minnesota is beautiful! You’re very lucky to live out there! This past summer I had the chance to go play in a tournament for my summer team we went to St. Paul and Minneapolis. Hopefully we will get the chance to play against each other someday. It is a small world ya know!

The only problem with Minn. is the State Bird…the mosquito :shock:
That and it ain’t Fla. :wink:

leskow, the logs are like folks…a real close and supportive community here and it looks like you’ve stepped up and joined the fam…Lanky (Though some of his posts ARE Lengthy :lol: :lol: :lol: the vast majority are well worth the read) has inspired many…the starting of your log means a whole new level of comittment to your game. Use it as the tool it is.

Well last night was the first day of “official” practice! It went great, had a good workout threw a concentration pen from 45ft. which basically is for us to concentrate on throwing first pitch strikes. We only worked our fastball and change-up in yesterday which is nice, but I can’t wait to work that duce in!
Coach said that here this weekend well throw full pens and video tape them so I’ll try to get that video up here so if you guys have advice I’d love to hear it! Also, I’ll try to see if I can get my video from fall and see if threes any differences. I’ve been working on keeping my hips closed and leading with my heal, so hopefully that will help with my velocity!
I’ve also been doing this arm care routine that my AT got when he was interning with the Colorado Rockies this past summer, it is very good. Today I did Stabs, which is like a body blade, a little two pound ball and 6 backs which is a workout for your scapula. Hopefully all the hard work in the winter pays off!!

First week of official practice is done and over with! It was a great week, and I think the progress we’ve made as a team since last year to this year has improved a lot! I really can’t wait to get onto the field on our spring trip in Florida! Last week went by really quick so I know opening day will be here in no time!
First ‘real’ bullpen of the season topped out at 86 mph, wasn’t hitting the spots like I would’ve liked but it was the first time on the mound since fall ball! I would like to see my Velocity pick up a few ticks before games start. Curve ball looked well, just need to keep a quick arm on it. Change-up looked a lot better then I expected. I never really worked on that pitch until this summer, and it’s looking like it’s paying off! So far I’m not satisfied for where I’m at because I know there is always room for improvement, but I am just happy to be healthy and able to pitch the way I am as of now!

Hey did you play for the River Bandits last summer?

yes i did actually the past two summers i have played for them. How did you know?

Been very busy with school work and ball, haven’t been able to keep up with this as much as I would like. Had mid-terms this past week and studied the heck out of them so that took up a lot of time. Anyways second half way thru the second week of practices and they’re going good. The teams looking a lot better then what some people were thinking. I believe we will surprise a lot of teams this year! Can’t wait! But I threw my second bullpen this past weekend consistently 83-86 mph on the stalker radar gun, then the second half of the pen I went to the side of the gym that was using the Jugs gun and I was 85-88 so idk which one is more accurate. I’ve heard the Stalker but who knows?! Personally I like the jugs readings better but who wouldn’t?! HAHA

I had to overcome what we call daddybaseball from the time I was real young. Daddyball is when players are cut because of “political” reasons. I had too overcome this.

Even tho I was worthy of making a 13 yr old allstar team. i was cut. My Dad told me, know one is gonna hand you anything whether you deserve it or not. The story of my life continues, and the next morning my dad woke me up early and started me lifting for the first time ever. I was about 5’9 110 as a 13. I haven’t stopped lifting, and I went from being a good pitcher as a 13, to being a 6’2, 160 pound freshman just a year and a half later.

Fastforward to about 1 month ago. My whole school has been hearing about me for quite some time and I did not disappoint. I tried out and was most likely slated to be called up to Varsity as a Freshman.

Fastforward to last Saturday, In my first frosh start b4 Varsity, I felt back pain, and turns out, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture somewhere in my lower back because I was over throwing and extending to far.

I am now DONE FOR MY FRESHMAN YEAR. 10 wks. Nothing. No lifting. No baseball. No running.

We played our cross town rivals and got beat because I didn’t pitch as well the same day as my diagnosis. I was scheduled to pitch again (monday) after throwing 77 pitches (saturday.) Our team lost, and everyone in the area new about me. I got offers to transfer to the school that beat us, and scouts on hand and everything. :frowning:

The reason Im in the position i am today is because of the hardwork that started me when I was cut as a 13.

PS- Prior to getting hurt, I was benching 125, 18-20 reps.
Squating- 255, 25-35 reps.

Check my sig for stats below.

Hang in their bro

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