To pause or not to pause

When my now 12 yo was 8 one day he goes “Dad, the other day you were driving and when you slowed down instead of stopping you said it saves gas cuz the engine doesn’t have to work as hard, and when I bat you said to always keep my bat moving cuz it’s easier to get it moving if it’s already moving, and in the field you say to keep my feet moving all the time cuz it’s easier to start either direction, but when I pitch you tell me to pause…that don’t make sense!“
I said” I’ll shut up now…thank you”

Are you talking “to pause” as in “balance point” in a pitcher’s wind up?

yeah, I’ve never really been a believer in it but had read about it on the web so we were trying it. I’ve seen it discussed at times here but only as side conversations to a different question. I thought I’d share this funny moment with my son as a way to dedicate a discussion just to this aspect of pitching because I’m curious about what the opinions are from people here.

I like the way that the hersheiser drill develops momentum to home through balance and hip drive. I am not a fan of totally pausing at the balance point however I feel it is needed when working with young pitchers to feel how their balance is effected when they pitch. It’s funny how your kid pointed this out to you…smart kid!

Smart kid, for sure.

Balance in a pitching delivery is a dynamic. It isn’t needed jst at one point (knee lift) but while moving through the stride and into release.


Run a search through this site I can remember there was a rather large discussion about this topic a few years ago, complete with clips of guys who “pause” I can remember it focusing mainly on Dan Harren. I wish I could remember the topic name.

I agree with Roger and bu.