to Mr. Ellis

i am trying to get the tuff cuff book but the last time i try to get it it was out of stock. So i was wondering if u have anymore in stock this time?

Yes, I always have about 300 on hand and ship 10 to 12 every afternoon. Order through

WOW Steven great biz you have. With a couple caluclations you are living the MILLER HIGH LIFE. LOL

Around 600-800$'s a day Lots of money in the bank.

RIStar shut up that was quit rude and uncalled for to say that to Steven Ellis. Maybe you should speak before you open your mouth. You should do that more often before you post on any forum.

Although I would ask Chadm to tone down his comments, I do agree with him that this was inappropriate, RIStar.

I wish :slight_smile: This isn’t Facebook or Gawker or The Huffington Post. Trust me, running a baseball website is like playing minor league ball. There’s no money in it. But you do it for the love of the game. You do it for the people around you who’ve helped you out along the way … like your parents, your coaches, your teammates and friends.

I enjoy chatting it up about pitching. It’s fun to have a place to do it. I hope you feel the same way and encourage your friends and teammates to join our discussions.

Oh, and no offense taken, RIstar.