i have been using the GAINER WHEY PROTEIN shake and it has been working really well. I have gained about 15 pounds since JUNE . Is there like Gainer whey protein shake that is already made in cans? so instead of making it myself i can just buy it and drink it? or any other protein drinks that provides what gainer gives. Gainer gives me everything that i need to gain weight, calories, protein, carbs. it’s just the total package.

I’m not aware of anything that provides as many calories as a weight gainer type drink that is also available in a can. Gainer is 590 calories a serving.

Closest options would be something like these:

Anything you find pre-mixed is going to be much more expensive than normal powder. I think the cheapest above is 26 bucks for 12 shakes… way too expensive for me.

Is there a reason you want to buy it in a can?

yea i dont like way the powder is mixed with water or milk because it’s really chunky and it’s really hard to swallow. Any ideas how i can many the shake more liquidly or more tasty?and sometimes it just hard to bring to the gym cause the powder spills out and stuff. Can drink the shake like at night or something but not like directly after a workout because i was planning to get a blender and use that to make the shake.

Are you mixing by stirring or shaking? I’ve never really had a problem using a shaker cup, everything is completely dissolved and mixed throughout. But I also dont use Gainer, so maybe its a difference between brands?

As far as I know you can take the gainer shakes at night. It’s not a post workout style shake, so it shouldn’t make too much of a difference. Just try to remember to eat something with protein and carbs within 30 minutes of your workout.

Yeah get a shaker bottle would be my recommendation. It has a little grid that goes in the cup and the powder chunks are broken up and mixed better. Weight gain stuff doesn’t alwyas mix that great, so I’m unsure the powder to fluid ration you would want. Maybe do two half scoop shakes if it still isn’t mixing well.

I just suck it down and suffer through the chunks anyways. I’m to lazy to wash my shaker bottles, I use a nalgene bottle for everything. Scents and stuff aren’t retained at all in those bottles so a quick rinse and shake with clean water and your ready to put something else in it.

this powder they ask for 4 scoops which makes the drink a lot more chunky. I am just going to give the blender a try and see who things work. But do you guys know if i can get the same results even if i dont drink it directly after a workout which i did before, But if i am going to use a blender i would have to do it when i get home. that was why i was looking into the pre-made shakes but they were too expensive.

we can buy muscle milk prepackaged at conveinience stores in oklahoma/texas. it is good stuff. tastes better if you mix it yourself, but to take to school or on the road, the prepackaged stuff works. has a ton of calories.