To KC86

the gainer that i have been using for about a month now hasn’t really been working or i haven’t seen results. Any thoughts on what i am doing wrong or missing? i think i have gained exactly like 1 pounds since i used it. lol so any thoughts would be appreciated

Like I said before, it isnt magic and it wont fix the rest of your diet. If you arent gaining weight that means that the amount of calories you are burning each day is equal to the amount you are taking in. No extra calories means no weight gained.

Post a typical day of eating for you - what times and what quantities of food. Try to be as honest as possible. And hopefully myself and others can offer some insight to help.

on a typical day:
a glass of milk and some cereal or some egg with bread

lunch: i started eating school lunch so usually
a pint of milk, a small salad, some fries, cheeseburger and some fruits(small package of carrots or sliced peaches)

afterschool: a small snack
a granolda bar or like a cup noodle or something

white rice, with beef or liike chicken, veggies, and like a glass of water
then sliced fruits after that my mom cut up

If you have a fast metabolism it is going to to take quite a bit more food than that.
I have to get around the 4000 calorie mark to consistently gain weight. I would guestimate you are eating somewhere around 2700 calories or something like that unless you are eating massive quantities of food per meal.

Add a meal before bed, that’s a big thing that helped me gain weight. And think about it, if you eat dinner at 6:30 and then breakfast at 7, your body has gone more than 12 hours without food, that just isn’t prime for gaining weight.

Definitely fit one more eating time in.

When do you normally have the shake?
And definitely add an extra meal before bed like CF said. Not eating late at night is an old wives’ tale.

So I’d aim for something like…

2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, 2 servings of fruits and veggies, cereal or some other carb source

10 AM
Something quick, maybe a protein shake or even a PB&J sandwich (wheat bread, natty PB)

Chicken, Fish, Turkey, lean beef protein source + 2 servings fruits and veggies + whatever else you want

3 pm
Same as 10 am meal

Lean protein + fruits/ veggies + carb source

9 or 10 pm
Slow digesting protein like cottage cheese or yogurt + almonds/ mixed nuts

If you follow that meal plan you’ll gain weight.

but i usually eat dinner at like 8. yea i am prolly going to make myself a sandwich to bring to school or something.

I tried to make it pretty generic. If you eat dinner at 8, then try to get another meal 2-3 hours later. Same format as the one I listed.

for the meal i eat before bed time should the meal be big? or jsut a yogurt is good?

It can be big, but you want to include some slower digesting proteins like yogurt or cottage cheese. There are a few other options but I can’t really remember them at the moment.

ok thanks kc but when u remember them can u please put them on so i can have more options but for now i am going to fit in a yogurt or some cottage cheese before i go to sleep thanks alot