To ice or not to ice....that is the question


A lot of pitchers nowadays seem to be in these upper body casts of ice for hours.
Lincecum never uses ice. His father once said that you only use ice for your drinks.
Coventional wisdom seems to be that ice is good because it reduces swelling. The other side believes that ice inhibits the bodys natural ability to flush lactic acid from the system. That icing merely locks in the lactic acid. Lactic acid is what causes much of the swelling in the first place.

Ice is for injuries. Have never iced.

I find that it doesn’t really matter. I like using ice out of habit because I hurt my arm a year ago but I don’t see myself healing faster with or without ice now.

I like to ice. My dad(former trainer and current health teacher) has always told me to ice after throwing because of the following reasons:

-unnatural to throw a baseball.
-small tears in your muscle after you throw

He had more reasons.

But I tend to agree with him. Ice along will not help. It probably does keep the lactic acid in your arm, that’s why you should band work and run right after you throw and ice. I found that, that combination helps my arm feel great the next day after pitching.

I only usually ice if I pitch. I don’t usually ice after I just throw.

My friends routine is

no ice
20 minutes running
alka seltzer
amino acids
L arginine

Ice is for injuries?

Is throwing as hard as you can for years comfortable where you come from?

That was my kid. He has been pitching for about 3 years, has been sore a couple of times. If there isent soreness I dont see the need for ice as a standard practive. His lack of soreness is probably due to his youthful age and not throwing with max effort most times. It would concern me if there was a high school kid always having to run to the ice after every 4 inning outing.

The only time I ice is if I feel a little more sore than usual after throwing off a mound which is very unusual. Other than that no ice.

I would think that if you are throwing properly, then you really shouldn’t have any arm soreness. Roger Clemens always said that it was his legs and not his arm that would get sore. And when his legs were sore, he knew his mechanics were right…

Ice beyond ten minutes leads to thermal damage?

IF Roger said his arm didn’t get sore, he was telling a little fib.

I see where you are coming from. In your situation - sure.


The ice is waiting for everyone is you keep at it long enough. Age humbles everyone.


I never ice. I used to, but then it got annoying and I didn’t really see a difference. I usually run poles after I pitch, or try to get in a 15 minute jog the next morning. IMO its way more effective than 40 minutes of icing.