To get into a college team

Hi. I’m currently pitching low-mid 60s and I am working very hard to get my fastball up about 5 mph per year. I would like to ask in what way I could get colleges to notice me. I think it will be difficult because I go to a tiny private school that no one has ever heard of. However, I work hard to maintain an
A- average. How can I get attention from colleges? I am asking this because I am starting high school next year and want to start planning my future. Once again, any help is greatly appreciated.

First of all it’s great to know that you’re getting such an early start on your progression into college baseball and getting noticed by scouts. My suggestion to you is keep playing and getting that velocity up but for the recognition visit the college sites that you are interested in and check out the email and phone number information for the coaches and the address of the athletic department so that you can let them know you are interested. Also, some sites have player recruiting forms that you fill out online. Then make videos of you to send in along with an athletic resume that lets them see your information both athletic and academic including stats, awards, grades, sat scores, community service, etc. that way they know how complete of a player and student you are. Don’t worry about being in a private school my friend from grace prep in texas got into tech by doing these same steps and he topped out at 87 as a senior being right handed. With the amount of time you have and hard work you should be able to get where you want to easily.

thanks for your informative responce. It’s a little bit early now to be looking at colleges but I’m working on improving my pitching all the time.

Its not to early at all to look at colleges. Get a dream now and work for it. Thats like telling a little kid its to early to dream about pro baseball. Just realize you are so very young yet. Its great that you have a jumpstart over many other kids. Work hard, DONT GET HURT FROM OVERUSE, and get your grades up as high as you can…goodluck man

I’m prity much in the same boat as you and what I’m trying to do is like you add some mph each year and I would try to get in to advanced classes because they will make your gpa go up and look good on an aplication