To gain muscle---

Should i eat more and work out? or eat alittle and work out? b/c i tried only eating dinner but drink liquids for lunch & breakfast and work out but i tend 2 get thin. I just dont want to get fat again. I have been working on a “6-pack” since sept. of 2004. I want to put muscle on not fat. I want to gain muscles on my shoulders and arms. any sugestions? pelase help.

you can’t gain muscle without gaining some fat

that’s why we refer to it as “bulking” and “Cutting”…you’ve got to eat alot to put on muscle, eating one meal a day is gonna make u fat once you start eating normal again…your body will be used to starving from only 1 meal per day and will begin to store whatever you eat as fat for later energy use

you need to be eating 6 or 7 meals a day, 2 to 3 hours apart

just eat clean, don’t eat pizza, sugar filled drinks, hamburgers etc…and you will put on healthy weight, u may have some fat gains along the ways but they’ll be minimal if you eat healthy

say you wanna get to be about 200 lbs, get up to say 215 and then appropriately rearrange your diet, cut the calories a little bit