To all Red Sox fans!

Just wanted to say nice job on your season. Honestly I was freaking scared when I saw the score was 1-0. Better luck next year.

… why do you like the Rays so much anyway?

You’re a New Yorker.

IDK shit happens man

You just looked at the worst team in the division and thought “one day,man. One day.”

You stuck with them and they continued to suck until this year, when they emerged out of their cocoon to become the AL champions.

Yeah, interesting.

Well being a Red Sox fan, I can honestly say I thought Pedroia was just leading the charge against the Rays in game 7. I thought it was just going to be just like the other ALCS(es?) of the past ( 10-3 v. NYY in '04, 11-2 v. CLEin '07) but hats off to Matt Garza. That was one hell of an outing by him last night. I am pulling for the Rays v. the Phillies. Lots of great young talent, they are going to be good for a long time coming.

The AL east is going to be nuts next year. Red Sox, Rays, the Jays will certainly contend if they don’t blow it in freeagency, and the Yankees are always there. The Orioles aren’t even that bad, just a bad year for them.

C’mon “the Yankees are always there.” Injuries killed us and we should get get Sabathia, Burnett, or a combination (hopeful thinking I know). And there’s always the possibility of heaven on Earth - idol comes to favorite team so I can actually see more than 10 games (stupid SD). Big contenders there as Joba and Hughes will have gained a year in experience (Kennedy…notsomuch) Jays have big potential with guys like Snider and McGowan, but Burnett will be gone and Wells is getting old. Ryan can’t stay healthy and Marcum should be good. We’ll see - Doc Halladay is always a stud. Rays are the faves in my (biased) mind. Gonna be a great year. Wild Card will definitely come from the East - just a question of who.

Side note: speaking of Wild Cards, this WS is the first since 2001 without at least one. Just goes to show you. Another example (to my bitterness) is that the G-Men won the Super Bowl last year. 'Course the Celts did win the title and Kansas was a #1-seeded team.

seriously though Both Joba and Hughes are talented but both have spent time on the DL before. And besides that there isn’t a whole lot of talent in the farm system.

I think Burnett will stay, but I hate Ryan. Vernon is great, if he’s healthy and Rios is healthy, it’ll be a good year.

No way the Jays re-sign Burnett. No way. He’ll ask for way too much.

I dunno if you knew this but he’s a free agent.